4 Employee Engagement Trends For 2014

One of the key HR trends this year is, without a doubt, employee engagement. The war for talent, as it’s been called, pushes companies out of their comfort zone in trying to build that attractive company culture that guarantees employee retention and minimizes employee turnover.

It seems like 2014 is the year of:

1.  Skills Gap

There’s a growing need for skilled workers, especially in technical fields such as engineering, IT, mathematics or robotics. The good news is that you can search for the right person anywhere in the world, the bad news is that everyone else will be doing the same.

The question is how can you capitalize on your existing talent and keep it engaged? One theory that we support is through a healthy and happy company culture that decreases turnover rates.

2.  Integrated Experiences

Expectations have changed, especially with these new generations entering the market. A job means more than a career and some company benefits. Employees want to learn, they want to develop themselves and to have an experience.

“Companies that focus on continuous learning in 2014 will attract the best and build for the future.”  Josh Bersin- Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte. Read more about his 2014 predictions here.

3. Employee Happiness

Big and small companies alike have been observing the importance and the effects of employee happiness and employee engagement and they’re ready to capitalize on that information in the years to come.

Increased productivity, bigger revenues, lower turnover rates and employee loyalty are just one happiness strategy away.

 4.  Workplace mobility and flexibility

Be prepared for employee’s demanding that they work when they want, where they want. Because they have successfully proven that this freedom of movement and self-management can bring significantly more results than rigid schedules and company policies.

Like David Heinemeier Hansson said, “no matter how nice your company car is, sitting in rush hour traffic for an hour each way is still a special version of hell”.

Image via StockSnap.io under C.C.0 license