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Remote empowers companies of all sizes to pay and manage full-time and contract workers around the world. We take care of international payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance in dozens of countries. Our people are on the ground on every continent, building culturally aware employment packages that help you build trust with your global team.


RecogNation is, without question, the product of years of trial, error, success, and a-has. Though the name RecogNation may be new to you, it’s backed by experts who have seen it all and done even more. We’ve witnessed technology built from the ground up and people built up by the power of recognition. Ultimately, what we’ve learned is this: every moment in a career journey matters. And, companies who acknowledge this and act on it have the greatest success. High engagement. Low turnover. Happy people. Happier customers. Exceptional performance. Exceptionally positive culture.

Rewards Consulting

Rewards Consulting is a management consultancy specialising in employee reward, recognition, engagement and motivation, based in London, UK. We advise organisations on how to make their employee reward strategy more effective.


Why you need a high performance workplace

Attracts & keeps talent – Highly-engaged employees acting as advocates for their employer when attending industry events, conferences etc, or just socialising.

Low stress & absenteeism – Trusted, autonomous employees, with clear understanding of what’s expected of them, appreciated, and with good work/home-life balance.

Keeps profitable customers – Well-informed employees empowered and motivated to deliver high quality and responsive service to new and existing customers.

Reveal Global Intelligence

In today’s dynamic global marketplace, finding the right talent and sales leads to grow your business is a full-time job. We should know because we’ve been doing it for decades. The leader in talent sourcing, research and acquisition, Reveal puts the right candidates with the best resumes in your hands, plus offers sales intelligence that impacts short- and long-term revenues. And we do it with greater efficiency, transparency, and integrity than anyone else. Rather than approach our clients with a “name generation” or database mentality, where simply cranking out more and more names seems to be the norm with the companies that seek to compete with us, we think, innovate, leverage our experience, and solve the challenge.


Recruiterbox is the easiest way to receive and manage the hiring and applicant process. It is more efficient than email and excel documents, simpler than any other recruitment software. 1500+ growing companies use Recruiterbox to receive job applications in one place, collaborate with their team on candidate feedback and interviews, and make faster hiring decisions. Recruiterbox makes the hiring and applicant process more organized, easier, and more efficient.

Resourceful Humans

100% Entrepreneurship 0% Bureaucracy. Transformation and Tools to turn your organisation into and operate as an entrepreneurial network. That is the Way of Resourceful Humans.


Your key business objectives cannot be achieved without the focused and synchronized work of your team members. RoundPegg unleashes your organization’s true business potential using culture science to galvanize your workforce. Culture science is quantifying how things really get done within each organization’s unique culture. By aggregating the personal values of everyone in a company, RoundPegg is able to provide data-driven culture insights that inform strategy, while delivering customized tactics to hire, develop and engage employees in ways that are consistent with each organization’s culture. By understanding what motivates your workforce, the RoundPegg software platform is able to help you accomplish your goals – whether they be driving innovation, boosting revenue, increasing engagement, changing culture or retaining your top performers.


Meet REFFIND – the future of employee experience. We’re changing the way companies employ, engage, educate, reward and recognise staff, through technology designed for employees first. Our platform enables you to connect with your employees on their terms – over breakfast, during a coffee break, on the train. All of this is made possible through an innovative, easy to use app that enables your employees to engage, right from their smartphone handset.

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