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Launched in August of 2015, Konsus now provides on-demand business support for over 500 companies. After joining Y Combinator in January 2016, growth accelerated to 13% weekly, reaching a total of more than 1,100 corporate users after only seven months of operation.According to the Harvard Business Review, 40% of office time is spent on routine tasks such as PowerPoint, data entry, and proofreading. These tasks can be time-consuming for employees, and require skill sets that cannot be automated.Instead of wasting time and personnel on these tasks, businesses can hire an online freelancer. However, finding a qualified freelancer through traditional online platforms can be a long process, which makes meeting deadlines more difficult. In addition, the lack of accountability and quality control can lead to a poor job performance, resulting in even more time wasted.


The largest, most successful, global companies trust Kollective Technology to power their enterprise live and on demand video and content delivery needs to millions of users worldwide. From its software defined enterprise content delivery network (SD ECDN) to the edge related tools for IT like Network Readiness Testing, Software Delivery and Network Analytics, Kollective drives a powerful ROI and brings the flexibility of software defined networking a reality.


Kudos is an employee recognition system and corporate social network that engages employees and aligns teams for a strong connection to your corporate culture. Our simple-to-use, secure SaaS solution has an extensive feature set and multi-language offering that will motivate and inspire your team to go the extra mile.

Kyosei Consulting

15 years experience and research in business, technical, scientific and human potential cross-disciplines provide the foundation for our approach to transforming people and organizations for the common good. Our proprietary techniques allow us to accurately assess the strengths and gaps in your organization and work hand in hand with your leaders to create strategies for positive change that keep everyone in your business focused on doing what they do best. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada – Kyosei Consulting International, Inc. is a dynamic, coaching and consulting firm serving clients worldwide. Our name, which in Japanese means ‘living and working together for the common good’ is the core philosophy upon which we are founded and the vision towards which we strive every day.


We’re applying new technologies to workforce data and applications like employee surveys and performance reviews, in order to solve problems of the modern workplace. Powered by natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Kanjoya transforms simple reporting tools into predictive solutions. We make it easy to capture and integrate multiple data sources on one platform. Our solutions are elegant, intuitive, and easy for managers and employees alike to use when providing feedback and evaluating performances. We also integrate data from other channels that collect employee feedback — such as Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, and Slack — as well as business outcome data — like attrition, quota attainment, and productivity, so all relevant data is one on platform.

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