Post-pandemic Company Culture

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a series of abrupt changes into our lives. From the way we shop for groceries to the way we work, everything changes almost overnight, which is why many individuals and companies still struggle. 
However, in 2021, the pandemic is still a reality and we must be prepared to face similar threats in the future. Therefore, the only way to move past it and continue our lives is to adapt and integrate the change. 
Moreover, companies should be ones to make the first move by trying to find ways to support remote workers and integrate their needs into the company culture. Today we will talk about the top five things every company should think about implementing starting this year. 

#1: New Approaches to PM

Project Management was a difficult task even before the pandemic, but the new challenges left many Project Managers unprepared to deal with the situation. Therefore, companies need to invest more in individuals training to become a PMP and allow them to focus on how to integrate remote workers and their needs with the rest of the team. 
In summary, we need leaders who can use compassion and understanding towards their people. Working from home is not easy for everybody, and it takes a huge adjustment whether you have family at home or not. Therefore, the PM must practice friendly communication in order to understand everyone’s needs and problems. 

#2: The Office of the Future

The new offices are all about space and distancing. Therefore, the image of large spaces with tens of cubicles crammed together should disappear from the office landscape. In addition, lunchrooms and cafeteria spaces must be reorganized to allow for safe use and social distancing. Lastly, companies should give up on the idea of grouping desks together in order to save space. 
Given the situation, it may be best to encourage work from home (where possible) and only have the teams meet once a week at the office, following all the health safety rules. 

#3: Access to Reliable Information

One of the biggest problems the world faces right now (besides the pandemic and increasing worries of social disruptions) is the avalanche of fake news that’s plaguing our social media walls and loading up tabloids. 
As a response, many companies created a safe space online where employees can get information from reputable sources such as medics, scientists, educators, and more. This way, people can address their worries and get real answers to their issues. In addition, this practice promotes safety and care for your employees. 

#4: Creativity in Communication

Since the communication doesn’t happen face-to-face anymore, it’s important to find new ways to boost staff morale. Therefore, companies should encourage their managers and employees to find creative ways to keep the communication going. 
So, whether it’s a trivia night on Zoom or a virtual party on the weekend, we need activities outside the standard office system. True, it may seem silly at first, which is why it’s best to explore various ideas until you find the ones that work for your team. 

#5: In-Person Meetings are Important

Even though it feels like we’ll never have an old-fashioned meeting again, things will get better at some point. Still, until this happens, we shouldn’t dismiss the importance of face-to-face meetings. As humans, we need to socialize and we need other people’s presence for our mental health. Therefore, companies must find ways to allow people to meet in safe spaces as much as needed. 

Wrap Up

Until we can safely roam the streets again and use public transportation without worries, it’s vital that we keep the social spark going. Companies and employees need to understand one another and create a culture of understanding and friendliness.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay