Company culture is much more than mission statements, origin stories, or other public relations collateral. Your company’s culture includes all of the values and beliefs that guide your organization’s actions. From the biggest PR stunts to the smallest internal decisions, everything a company does reflects culture.

And culture matters – because employees are paying attention. Job applicants care about company culture, and their fit (or lack thereof) can make a great deal of difference in their motivation at work. Studies have shown that when workers don’t fit within a culture, they are more likely to become disengaged with work and quit.

Meanwhile, good cultural fit creates employees who contribute more, stay longer with the company, and build better relationships with coworkers. Research also demonstrates that new hires are willing to receive less pay to work for an organization who shares their values.

Even though culture can seem too big to be controlled by managers, every leader has the power to improve their culture by valuing their employees. When employees believe their work is meaningful and are acknowledged for their hard work, their motivation to excel is improved – often even more so than employees who are better compensated.

The infographic below, created by Washington State University’s Online MBA Degree Program, illustrates how company culture can reflect a business’s values and motivate employees to achieve, using examples of some of the world’s most recognized brands: