The Importance of Maintaining a Positive Company Culture

Much has been said about company culture in the past few years, but do you actually know how much it is important to today’s top executives? As Forbes reports, a recent survey of more than 1,400 US CEOs revealed that an overwhelming majority of executives believe that company culture is essential for an organization to thrive.

In fact, around 90% of them sad that culture was important in their company and that they believe that improving their company’s culture would definitely improve its value. Furthermore, more than 50% of respondents said that positive company culture contributes to productivity, creativity and overall growth rates.

As you can see, promoting and cultivating a healthy work culture and environment is vital to the success of your organization, but maintaining it is not as simple as it sounds. But how can you create an engaging culture?

Should you only hire people who represent the direction in which your company is headed? Should you simply cut the working hours and give everyone a raise? We do not have all the answers, but creating a strong culture that inspires both friendly competition and teamwork is not exactly rocket science and does not even require a lot of investment.

Leadership Needs to Set the Tone

Every leader has the ideal vision of running an organization where everything goes smoothly – everyone is happy, likes their coworkers and has fun – without much effort. But as we all know, the reality of the situation is much, much different and team leaders have to work together to push everyone in the right direction and make sure they lead by example.

In most cases, culture is shaped by how the leadership acts, so you have to make sure that your leadership team embodies the type of organization you want to be. For instance, if “team culture” is your aim, your executive team truly needs to work as a team.

Try to Attract and Hire the Right Talent

No matter how good your product is or how impressive your technology is, if you do not bring in the right people your company will eventually fail. What is more, rapid growth can lead to thinking that the more people are on your staff- the better.

The fact remains that “A” workers like to work with other “A” workers and the problem often starts when you start hiring “B workers” who are more than happy to hire “C workers”. This ultimately impacts the moral and the culture of the entire organization.

Therefore, you need to be thorough in your in your assessments, and do not be afraid to work with a content marketing agency to improve your reputation. Top workers like to work with top companies, and if you establish your credibility you will unquestionably attract the best candidates.

Recognize Achievements and Milestones

Did you know that the number one reason that most people in the United States leave their jobs is that they do not feel appreciated? As a matter of fact, according to a Gallup research, roughly 65% of people feel like they do not get any recognition for their achievements and good work in the company.

When your employees feel like meaningless cogs in a machine, their job is unlikely to matter to them. After a couple of months, they will start looking for a new, more fulfilling job. Honoring milestones will improve the employee’s morale by showing other team members that important events are praised in the office.


Many entrepreneurs realize the importance of a healthy culture when it is too late, therefore it is crucial to install values and ideals much earlier in the game and so once your business starts to grow these ingrained standards stay with the company.

Your employees will certainly be thankful because according to the Deloitte research, 95% of them value company culture more than the compensation. Culture is not just a feelgood part of business, full of perks and happy hours and if you are thoughtful about creating, sustaining and promoting positive culture, your organization will undoubtedly grow faster.

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