Millions of people were forced to work remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This change was thought to be temporary, but research shows that remote work is here to stay. One Gartner survey of company leaders reported that 80% plan to allow employees to continue working remotely part-time, while 47% will allow them to work remotely full-time. 

But there’s good news! This is a positive change for many employees and employers. Employees are getting the remote-office model 72% of them want, while employers are getting a remote workforce that is estimated to be a whopping 40% more productive than their in-office colleagues! 

Still, a remote-first workplace is not without challenges. Creating a culture of employee appreciation is hard to achieve out of the office, but not impossible. Thankfully, it’s attainable with a simple and meaningful tactic: corporate gifting

Before we break down exactly how to achieve this sought after culture through corporate gifting, it’s crucial to understand why it’s so desirable. 

Why is company culture important? 

Many companies don’t actually realize culture is hugely important to their workforce. 65% of millennials rank company culture as more important than salary. With this in mind, it’s incredibly important to maintain a positive culture that gives employees a shared sense of belonging, values, and vision. 

Why is a culture of employee appreciation the goal? 

Employee engagement, loyalty, and productivity all increase when employees feel appreciated.  While at the same time, turnover decreases. So especially now during the Great Resignation, when many workers are calling it quits in search of jobs that better align with their values, a culture of employee appreciation is critical to business success!

Now that we know a company culture of employee appreciation is important, let’s explore how we get there. The first step is accepting two important facts: 

  1. Creating a culture of appreciation looks different in a remote-first world 
  2. Achieving a culture of appreciation will require an investment of time and energy to maintain 

With these truths in mind, we suggest following the path of tech giants and major corporations: corporate gifting. 

Corporate gifting isn’t a new concept, but it is newly important in the remote-first world.  A trendy example to show appreciation is having marketing swag packs. A physical gift can cut through the digital noise and create a tangible connection between employee and employer. 

Though the concept is simple, execution can be easily botched. To make sure you create the perfect corporate gift, follow these five steps: 

    1. Showcase Your Core Values – Create a gift that reflects the tenets that matter the most to your company. Dedicated to diversity and inclusion? Source exclusively from BIPOC businesses. Looking to support your community? Tap small, local brands for your gift. 
    2. Include Quality Products – No one wants meaningless tchotchkes. Think through what your employees would appreciate, want and need. Some favorites include coffee, candles, and sweet treats. 
    3. Branding is Key – Your employees know where they work, there’s no need to go overboard when it comes to corporate branding. 1-2 branded items is the sweet spot. 
    4. Include a thoughtful message – Remember showing appreciation is the goal! A handwritten note is always nice, but if you have a very large team, maybe include a QR code with a video message from the CEO. This is an opportunity to engage one-on-one with all employees so make it count!
    5. Think Outside the Box – Don’t be afraid to get creative! Gifts serve as an opportunity to have fun and catch your employee by surprise. Make it memorable with an unexpected element or a fun, quirky item! For example, a game night gift that includes a disco ball puzzle! 

Still sound challenging to pull off? Don’t be afraid to outsource. Brands that specialize in corporate gifting are ready and willing to help you create a culture of appreciation!