Imagine a world where you could save money on everything from dining out to purchasing a new car, all while enjoying a better work-life balance. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s time to dive into the world of employee discount programs, where both employers and employees can reap the rewards. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of employee discount programs, their benefits for both employers and employees, and how to choose the right program for your organization.

Short Summary

  • Employee discount programs provide mutual benefits for employers and employees, offering discounts on products/services such as gym memberships, travel deals & more.
  • Employers should assess employee needs and preferences to choose the right program with customization options that aligns with company values.
  • Maximize engagement by offering exclusive discounts, partnering w/ local businesses & implementing a point-based reward system using top providers like BetterWorks.

Understanding Employee Discount Programs

Employee discount programs are schemes that provide employees with access to various types of discounts from a range of sources, all accessible through different platforms, including employee purchase programs. One such platform is the employee purchase program, which offers a win-win situation for both employers and employees, as companies can attract top talent and boost employee retention, while employees can enjoy savings on a wide range of products and services.

There are various types of discounts available through employee discount programs, such as employee discounts, discounts provided by manufacturers and service providers, and employee purchase programs. Platforms for accessing these programs often include dedicated websites or mobile applications like Perkbox, Staff Treats, Reward Gateway, and Access Perks, which can also be referred to as employee portals.

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Types of Discounts

Employee discount programs offer a variety of discounts, including in-house, partner concessions, retail vouchers, and salary sacrifice schemes, among others. Retail discount vouchers may include discounts on movie and event tickets, meals, spa and gym memberships, cleaning and laundry services, as well as discounts in supermarkets, drugstores, petrol stations, and hotels, provided by business partners participating in employee discount programs.

In this article published by, it highlights that not only employers can provide discounts to their employees, but there are also numerous stores and businesses that offer discounts specifically for Healthcare Workers & First Responders.

These exceptional employees enjoy the advantage of having two types of discounts: one provided by their employer and another offered by various stores or businesses. These establishments acknowledge the significant contributions made by these employees and recognize the positive impact they bring to society.

Furthermore, merchant discounts are available for:

  • Computers and electronics
  • Hotels, resorts, and amusement parks
  • Rental cars
  • Home and auto insurance
  • Mobile phone service
  • Restaurant discounts

These discounts are sometimes accessible through payroll deduction options in employee discount programs. For example, the Abenity Employee Discount Program offers discounts on movie tickets and new vehicle purchases, contributing to employee loyalty and satisfaction.

Platforms for Access

Companies typically provide employee discount programs through dedicated websites or mobile applications, such as:

  • Perkbox
  • Staff Treats
  • Reward Gateway
  • Access Perks

These platforms, including a payroll system, allow employees to access a variety of discounts and benefits, making it convenient and user-friendly for them to take advantage of the program.

Additionally, employers can utilize corporate discount networks like BenefitHub, Access Perks, and Working Advantage to offer their employees discounts on a wide range of products, services, and experiences. A variety of platforms are available for accessing employee discount programs, including online portals, physical cards, and mobile apps.

Advantages for Employers

For employers, implementing an employee discount program can provide numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Attracting top talent
  • Increasing employee retention
  • Setting a company apart from its competitors
  • Drawing in highly skilled professionals who value benefits and perks as important considerations when making a decision about a job offer.

Employee discount programs can be tailored to the company’s needs and budget, and can include employee discounts.

Attracting Top Talent

In a Glassdoor study, approximately 60 percent of respondents indicated that benefits and perks were important considerations when making a decision about a job offer. By offering competitive discount programs, companies can provide a distinct advantage in attracting highly skilled professionals who appreciate the extra perks that come with their job.

To draw in high-caliber personnel, employers can provide employee discounts on products and services that are appealing to prospective employees, such as exclusive discounts on gym memberships, travel deals, or even complimentary coffee. This can help create a positive image of the company and make it a more attractive place to work.

Boosting Employee Retention

Employee discount programs can foster loyalty and job satisfaction, potentially increasing retention rates. One strategy employers can use to increase employee retention is to provide discounted products and services that are attractive to current employees. For example, the employee rewards program offered by Corporate Offers is designed to strengthen the connection between the employer and employee and has been demonstrated to create a more positive working environment.

By offering a wide range of discounts and benefits through employee discount programs, employers can create a strong sense of loyalty among their workforce, leading to reduced turnover and a more stable, satisfied team of employees.

Advantages for Employees

Employees also stand to gain from participating in many discount programs, such as those offered by Entertainment Benefits Group. These programs allow employees to save money on a variety of products and services.

Increase their job satisfaction and foster a better work-life balance.

Saving Money

Employee discount programs offer employees the opportunity to access a variety of consumer products and services at a discounted rate, enabling them to maximize their budgets and get the most out of their paychecks. Some benefits of employee discount programs include:

  • Discounts on various products and services, resulting in substantial savings for employees
  • The ability to stretch hard-earned dollars further
  • Access to exclusive deals and promotions
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Improved employee morale and satisfaction

By offering an employee discount program, employers can provide added value to their employees and help them save money on everyday expenses.

For example, through employee discount programs, employees may be able to save on:

  • movie tickets
  • gym memberships
  • dining out
  • purchasing a new car

These savings can make a significant difference in an employee’s financial situation, providing them with greater financial security and peace of mind.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Employee discount programs can have a positive impact on job satisfaction by:

  • Fostering a more positive work environment
  • Bolstering employee morale
  • Offering a variety of discounts and benefits that cater to employees’ interests and needs
  • Creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that encourages employees to enjoy their work and feel valued.

Furthermore, employee discount programs can contribute to a sense of belonging and pride in the company, as employees reap the benefits of exclusive discounts and perks. This can lead to increased employee engagement, higher levels of job satisfaction, and ultimately, a more productive and loyal workforce.

Work-Life Balance

Employee discount programs can also play a significant role in helping employees achieve a better work-life balance. Some examples of work-life balance initiatives that can be offered through employee discount programs include:

  • Mental health support services
  • Discounted meals at local restaurants
  • Gym memberships or fitness classes
  • Childcare services
  • Flexible work arrangements

By providing these types of discounts and benefits, employers can enhance employees’ overall well-being and reduce stress levels.

This focus on work-life balance can lead to happier, healthier employees who are more engaged and productive in their work. Ultimately, employee discount programs can serve as a valuable tool in supporting employees’ personal and professional lives, creating a more harmonious and successful workplace.

How to Choose the Right Employee Discount Program

Selecting the right employee discount program for your organization involves assessing employee needs and preferences, researching available programs, and evaluating customization options. By taking these factors into account, employers can ensure they choose a program that best aligns with their company’s values and provides the most relevant and valuable benefits for their employees.

Employee discount programs can be a great way to show appreciation for employees and reward them for their hard work. Implementing an employee perk program can further enhance the benefits offered to your team members, making your company an even more attractive place to work.

Assess Employee Needs and Preferences

Understanding the needs and preferences of your employees is crucial when selecting an employee discount program that will truly resonate with them. By considering the types of products and services your employees would be interested in, as well as the types of discounts that would be most advantageous to them, you can tailor your program to provide the most relevant and valuable benefits.

To accurately assess employee needs and preferences, employers can conduct surveys, hold focus groups, or gather feedback through informal conversations with staff members. This insight can help guide the selection of appropriate discounts and benefits, ensuring the program meets the needs and preferences of employees and ultimately leads to greater engagement and satisfaction.

Research Available Programs

Researching available employee discount programs is a vital step in finding the best fit for your company and employees. There are various types of employee discount programs available, such as merchant discount, employee discount, and employee purchase programs, offering discounts on a wide range of products and services, including retail, travel, and entertainment.

Some top providers of employee discount programs include:

  • BetterWorks
  • PerksCard
  • Next Jump
  • Abenity
  • You Decide

By comparing the discounts, platforms, and benefits offered by these providers, employers can make an informed decision about which program will best serve the needs of their organization and employees.

Evaluate Customization Options

Evaluating customization options is another essential factor to consider when selecting an employee discount program. Customization options may include personalized discounts, branding and content controls, and exclusive discounts based on employee feedback. Assessing these options will ensure the chosen program is compatible with your company’s brand and values.

When evaluating customization options, consider the flexibility of the program, the capacity to tailor discounts and benefits to your employees’ needs, and the ability to track usage and feedback. A program that offers a high degree of customization will likely be more successful in engaging employees and providing them with meaningful benefits.

Implementing an Employee Discount Program

Once you’ve chosen the right employee discount program for your organization, it’s essential to implement it effectively to maximize its benefits. This includes ensuring clear communication, monitoring usage and feedback, and regularly updating and promoting the program.

Communication should be clear and concise, and should include information about the program, how to access it, and how to access it.

Communicate the Benefits

Effectively communicating the benefits of the employee discount program to your employees is crucial in increasing their awareness and participation. This can be achieved through various channels, such as:

  • company-wide emails
  • newsletters
  • posters
  • presentations during staff meetings

In addition to simply announcing the program, it’s important to emphasize the value and advantages it offers to employees. Highlight the exclusive discounts they can access, the potential savings they can enjoy, and how the program can contribute to a better work-life balance. By clearly communicating the program’s benefits, employees will be more likely to take advantage of the discounts and perks available to them.

Monitor Usage and Feedback

As your employee discount program rolls out, it’s essential to monitor its usage and gather feedback from employees. This information can provide valuable insights into the program’s effectiveness and reveal areas that may need improvement or adjustment.

To track usage rates and gather feedback, employers can use various methods, such as surveys, focus groups, or analyzing key metrics related to employee engagement, retention, and productivity. By monitoring the program’s performance and making necessary adjustments, employers can ensure the program continues to provide value and meet the needs of their employees.

Regularly Update and Promote

To maintain employee interest and engagement in the employee discount program, it’s important to regularly update the program and promote it through various channels. This may include adding new discounts and benefits, expanding the range of products and services available, and partnering with additional local businesses.

Regular promotion of the program can be achieved through:

  • Company newsletters
  • Emails
  • Posters
  • Social media posts

Additionally, highlighting success stories and testimonials from employees who have benefited from the program can help keep it fresh and top-of-mind. By implementing these strategies, employees will be more likely to engage with the program and enjoy the full range of benefits it offers.

Challenges and Potential Pitfalls

While employee discount programs offer many benefits, they can also come with some challenges and potential pitfalls. For example, some programs may have hidden fees, such as shipping and handling costs, which can negate the savings employees expect to receive. Additionally, some programs may offer limited options, making it difficult for employees to find discounts that are relevant to their interests and needs.

To address these challenges, it’s important to:

  • Carefully research and select the right program for your organization
  • Clearly communicate its benefits to employees
  • Monitor usage and feedback to make necessary improvements and adjustments.

Tips for Maximizing Employee Engagement

To maximize employee engagement in discount programs, consider offering exclusive discounts that appeal to your employees’ interests and needs. Partnering with local businesses, such as restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, can also help to create a more personalized and relevant program for your employees.

Another strategy for increasing employee engagement is to use a point-based reward system, where employees can earn points for participating in the program and redeem them for additional discounts or rewards. By incorporating these tips and strategies, employers can create a highly engaging and valuable employee discount program that boosts employee satisfaction and contributes to a more positive work environment.

Top Employee Discount Program Providers

Some of the top employee discount program providers include:

  • BetterWorks
  • PerksCard
  • Next Jump
  • Abenity
  • You Decide

These providers offer a wide range of discounts, customization options, and user-friendly platforms for accessing the programs, making them popular choices for many corporate clients and organizations.

For example, Abenity’s full enterprise service costs $1,500 per month and offers a high degree of customization, while You Decide offers a basic service with a variety of tailored perks for businesses to select from, although not to the same extent as Abenity.

By researching and comparing the top providers, employers can make an informed decision about which employee discount program will best serve the needs of their organization and employees.


In conclusion, employee discount programs offer a range of benefits for both employers and employees, from attracting top talent and boosting employee retention to providing cost savings and improving work-life balance. By carefully selecting the right program, communicating its benefits, and monitoring its performance, employers can create a valuable tool that supports employee satisfaction and contributes to a more positive, successful workplace. So why not explore the world of employee discount programs and unlock the potential benefits for your organization and employees today?

Benefits of Employee Discount Programs