There are several ways in which you can make your next company event memorable.

But to ensure you don’t go over budget, you need to work out how much all of your necessary costs will be, how much you can afford to put towards your event, and how much money you will have leftover for creating the wow factor.

You’ll need to consider necessary costs like site rental, electricity, tech rentals, marketing for your event, and catering. You can then come up with a budget for the additional things you need to make your event memorable.

Just make sure that once you plan your overall event budget, you stick to it. When it comes to those things you’ll want to invest in to make your company event special, here are five ideas you’ll want to consider.

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Set the Mood

Things like the lighting, seating arrangements, and music can all contribute to the mood of your company event. You should aim to make the right impression as soon as guests walk through the door. So, ensure you effectively use things like lighting and music to create the right mood.

 The same goes for any furnishings and décor. Choosing the right color scheme can also create the right atmosphere. The crucial thing is to ensure all such things are coordinated and work well together.

 You should also use appropriate décor, colors, and other things so that they suit your company, your industry, and the theme of your event.

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

Choosing the right things to set the mood goes halfway to making your guests feel comfortable, but you also need to ensure you provide everything they need to feel relaxed. That means considering things like food and drinks.

You don’t necessarily have to have waiters hovering to cater to every guest’s need, but it does mean ensuring your guests can easily have a drink in their hands soon after they arrive and that they have something to eat during the event.

You could also provide things like a cloakroom and a valet service. The important thing is to make your guests feel as though they are being looked after.

Provide a Talking Point

It may take up quite a chunk of your budget, but if you want your company event to be really memorable, you should consider investing in something like a choir, a fire juggler, or a statement ice sculpture that will act as a talking point for your guests both during and after the event.

Just make sure your talking point fits in with the overall theme of your event.

Give Your Guests Gifts to Take Home

Giving your guests some kind of goody bag or gift that they can take home is an excellent way of making your event memorable.

You don’t have to spend a massive amount of your budget on gifts, but it can certainly be worthwhile to spend some of your budget on gifts.

For instance, you could give out customized snack pouches that contain your branding. Get started by taking a look at the options available from StickerYou.

Make Your Event Unique to Create a Buzz Before, During, and After the Event

You need to give your company event just as much thought as you give to planning an office event. In fact, you probably need to give it even more thought.

To enhance your company event even more, create a buzz around your event before it happens. 

You’ll be able to attract and engage more guests when you do something like pick a unique venue that guests wouldn’t normally go to for a corporate event, incorporate new technologies that will enhance the experience of attendees, and book noteworthy speakers.