Why HR Managers Should Embrace Coworking Spaces in the Wake of COVID-19

The life of a human resources (HR) manager is rarely dull, but rarely easy. As an HR professional, you have a plethora of responsibilities on your plate; from participating in planning and development to advocating

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How To Help Employees Manage Their Workload When Working From Home

Managing remote workers is a challenge many businesses have faced in the past 12+ months. Poor communication, decreased productivity, reduced employee engagement and increased workloads are just a handful of problems business professionals have faced

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How to Boost Your Employee’s Productivity and Morale During a Pandemic

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has come as a shock to many and has caused quite a significant impact on both employees and businesses. With many stores, schools, and universities closing, it has put extra pressure

How can inadequate Personal protective equipment (PPE) impact your employees and your business?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) might feel like quite a new term for most people, but PPE is simply any equipment that a keeps people safe from harm. Most commonly, it refers to specific items that

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