We often think of happiness as this unattainable goal, as an almost impossible to reach state. Maybe we have the wrong definition of happiness and it’s causing us to miss it in our everyday lives.

With this Thursday’s International Happiness Day, organizations around the world have taken the challenging task to “Reclaim happiness”. Not only from marketers, media or politicians who try to sell us a Premium version of happiness that always comes at a cost, but from ourselves as well. We’re reclaiming our intrinsic, authentic happiness, as a way of living and working.

Hppy is partnering with Action for Happiness in this noble endeavor, to try and reach out as many people as possible and tell them that happiness is the truth (insert Pharrell voice here). We’re part of a global movement that no longer wants to pay for happiness. We want to experience happiness in our family life, in our work life and in our society, with no one telling us that there’s a price to pay.

Join us in celebrating #happinessday!

1. Find something that makes you happy. It could be something profound or something profoundly silly, but however small and personal it may be, the fact that you have noticed it makes it quite important enough.

2. Enjoy that moment and capture it on camera. Not only will taking a photo encourage you to appreciate that moment in detail, it also lets you carry it with you to a time when it may make you happy again.

3. Share it with others #happinessday. Make the world around you happier by sharing what makes you happy!