No matter what industry you’re in, a positive atmosphere can make all the difference to employee wellbeing. Some offices can feel competitive, with a power imbalance between senior workers and those lower down the ladder. This can create a hostile atmosphere where people try to undermine each other to gain an advantage. If you work in the HR department in any company, then here are three ways you can create a more welcoming and positive workplace atmosphere.

Organize Non-Work-Related Bonding Sessions

Much of the time, workers are driven and hardworking. Unfortunately, though, that’s why there can often be a lack of positive relationships within the workplace. Some employees believe they need to be as productive as possible, working all the time. Unfortunately, this leaves little opportunity for forming genuine friendships with colleagues and can cause tensions in the office.

HR heads should therefore enforce some non-work-related bonding activities. Whether this is in parties, dinners, or field trips isn’t important. Employees who bond outside of their work environments start building empathy and friendships with each other. This strategy will lower a portion of the negative competitiveness companies often experience.

non work related bonding
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Reward Team Play 

Evidence shows that when employees see themselves as individuals, there is a higher probability of them becoming a bully. For example, maybe a particular employee always wants to work on big projects and will push others out of the way to get what they want. Stopping this behavior is the best way to create an inclusive, welcoming work environment.

To do this, try to find a reward system that focuses on teamwork. For example, offer financial incentives to workers who prove they can work together as a team. You may even want to reward selflessness. You may reward an experienced employee for recommending a younger colleague for a significant project with an extra day’s vacation..

Prioritize Mental Health Days

Around 75% of the American workforce experiences moderate to high stress while a third report living with levels of extreme stress. In any office environment, stress is abundant. A wide variety of problems can arise among employees as a result of this. Most pertinently, it could lead to tension in workplace relationships and cause physical illness, which increases the number of sick days that staff members take.

You must take stress seriously if you want your employees to get along with each other and remain physically capable of doing their jobs. That means organizing mental health days that promote calmness. Lead meditation exercises, have daily yoga sessions, or simply offer more paid time off for anyone experiencing a decline in their mental wellbeing. By doing this, you’re helping to keep tensions low and creating a calming atmosphere in which employees are able to thrive and work productively on a consistent basis.

Learn from Other Leaders in Your Industry

Be sure to do your research before creating a work environment to ensure a suitable one for your team. Find out if other companies in your industry are finding problems with cohesion and positive relationships. See what they’re doing to overcome this. Talk to HR departments in other businesses who are doing a good job and try to emulate their policies.

According to Michael Oran, a Los Angeles medical malpractice attorney, best offices work with their competitors to find ways of improving their office environment. Ask others in your industry how they foster a positive atmosphere and take some tips. At the same time, you should be willing to share advice with other HR departments across the world of work.

As an HR professional, your main role should be to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of your employees. Unfortunately, in some industries, this can be difficult. Some workers are very driven and love their work but may not create a positive, healthy, and inclusive atmosphere. Use the tips above to try and change this. As a result, your employees can still be successful and fulfilled while making their office an amazing place to work.