8 Reasons Why You Should Be Grateful

There are days when you feel like nothing else could possibly go wrong. And then something else happens. There’s no arguing against Murphy’s law.

But even on a day like that, there are people who can put aside their anger or frustration and get back into a positive mood. That only happens with practice and with mastering a little secret called gratitude.

Gratitude can improve your everyday life and increase your workplace happiness like you wouldn’t believe.

Here are some facts about gratitude

  1. People who practice gratitude have higher levels of optimism, positive emotions and life satisfaction
  2. Gratitude leads to lower levels of stress and depression
  3. It also increases your capacity to be empathic and to see things from the perspective of others
  4. Grateful people are more generous and more likely to be helpful
  5. Gratitude makes you place less importance on material goods, decreasing the feelings of envy that you might have
  6. It helps your immune system to be stronger and lowers your blood pressure
  7. Manifestations of gratitude strengthen  moral behavior
  8. Gratitude is one of the key elements of happiness

What was the last thing you remember being grateful for? Think of the person who helped induce that feeling and give them a sincere “Thank you!”.

Write it down on this World Gratitude Map and come back to it every time you have something you’re grateful for.

We put together a list of resources for you to explore further. Enjoy!

Image via StockSnap.io under C.C.0 license