In today’s competitive market, attracting and retaining talented individuals depends heavily on the physical workspace. Employees are more satisfied at workplaces that provide better workspaces. There is a growing trend of businesses investing in shared office space in order to improve employee satisfaction.

Every business needs common spaces for interactions between employees, whether work-related or casual. Thus, you will provide them with a more comfortable working environment. Whether you choose an open-concept office design or go with something more traditional, common areas should be a priority.

Creating a comfortable, functional, and convenient communal workspace is vital to a successful design. Innovative furnishings like hanging room dividers  or group desk modules for project work are perfect for the collaborative workspace. Let’s take a closer look at a few style tips for creating a productive workspace. 

open-concept office
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Open-Concept Office

Traditional ways of fostering a sense of community in an organization include open-plan offices. Workstations with all the necessary tools will replace individual offices or desks for each employee. Collaboration and other activities requiring extensive interaction are well suited to these spaces. 

It is common practice for companies to separate communal desk modules into various departments. Although each team will occupy a different space, the whole team will remain together in a non-barrier zone. 

Privacy Zones

Despite the fact that you are going for an open-concept office, it is still essential to create a few areas for privacy. You must incorporate privacy zones into your common space design even if you don’t have this layout. It will be stressful at work if you take these measures.

You can create private areas by using unique designs, such as phone booth modules or privately screened corners. There is no doubt that the importance of these spaces in a communal office space cannot be overestimated. 

Meeting Room

A meeting room is essential for any organization, especially if it is a large company with many employees. There are a variety of important processes that take place here, such as brainstorming, sharing, and thinking creatively, among others. 

This space should be used by employees and as a meeting room for the clients who come to the company. Meeting rooms can be customized to fit your budget and needs based on the layout of your workspace. A few conference chairs should be provided at every meeting location to ensure everyone’s comfort.

Focus Zones

In order to ensure that the workforce can complete their tasks without difficulty, creative office spaces need to provide adequate resources. It is highly recommended that you implement a “quiet focus zone” so that your employees can continue to focus on their work without being distracted by outside influences.

Even if your office design is open, your teams can work without interruption during selected days if these areas are designated as individual or shared spaces. This way, employees needing a quiet, distraction-free area to work will have a dedicated space. 

Lunch or Coffee Area

In spite of the fact that your communal office design will allow for more interaction between the workers, you will still need casual space for relaxation. There is no doubt that lunch/lounge/coffee areas are an integral part of any successful office environment. This is the area where employees can meet up and discuss professional and off-work topics while they enjoy a break.

It is not uncommon for office spaces to have a kitchen facility as part of the package. A meeting and lunch room like this is essential to any business. Depending on how much space you have, you can convert this space into a lounge as well. Consider creating a lounge space in the common area if your kitchen is small. 


Mental health and wellness are being discussed more openly and frankly than ever in our society. Emotional issues common in the workplace include anxiety, stress, and depression. Most organizations overlook wellness rooms, but they should be included in every workplace. This is particularly important when new parents return to work following maternity leave. 

Having some privacy can be challenging in a communal office space. You should provide a healthy working environment for your employees who suffer from health complications. Breastfeeding can be conducted in privacy in a wellness room for new mothers. 


Putting an end to the harsh fluorescent lighting in an office is a step in the right direction. One of the best ways to improve the atmosphere of your communal office space is to utilize the natural light in your space. To maximize the natural light entering the room, leave the windows unshuttered with minimal coverings. Keep in mind if your office is full of natural light, you will have to focus on the physical comfort of your team, so they don’t get too hot. 

You will have many factors to consider when designing a new communal office space. Take advantage of these style tips to help you create a functional, comfortable, and productive workspace.