Why Are Home Learning Courses a Great Alternative to University Courses for Employers?

For a long time, distance learning or correspondence courses as they were sometimes known, had a stigma attached to them.

The quality of the materials and the course itself were suspect. People thought that these home education courses were easier, simply a case of ticking a few boxes and reading a few paragraphs could lead to a qualification.

Awarding bodies were small organisations, largely unheard of especially when compared to exam boards and agencies.

Progress in home study education

Times and attitudes have changed. The advent of the Internet has revolutionised everything from the way we shop and communicate, to the way we learn.

Online, distance learning and home study courses are now seen by many as being beneficial to both the student and the employer.

  • Removes barriers to learning – from working, to raising a family, to being a carer, to being uncomfortable in a traditional learning environment of the classroom, when someone opts to learn online, the learning barriers they face are removed. If you want to pursue a masters in communication, for example, you can choose when and where to study.
  • Progress – studying whilst employed means that an employee can progress without forfeiting their current position. Alongside their home study diploma or degree, students are backing up theory with valuable work experience.
  • Discipline and determination -what do you feel like doing after a hard day at work? It probably doesn’t include picking up a heavy text book or writing an assignment. For students who study from home, this exactly what they did – and do – time after time. Online courses show initiative, self-discipline and the ability to self-manage. Surely these attributes are all sought after qualities by employers?
  • Bucking the trend – attending university is expensive. Students are graduating with debts of between £15,000 and £29,000, the highest in the English-speaking world. Post-graduate students are bucking this trend, preferring to work and study, progressing their education and careers without debt. Moreover, some governments support their students by providing funding for courses. For example, in Australia, you can find such course by completing the eligibility check.

We are interested in what you think about online courses or home study diplomas.

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