hiring foreign talents

Thanks to global communication and tech developments, it is now easier for companies to become multinational. It opens new possibilities as companies are taking their step in hiring a global talent pool who could bring great results. However, finding the ideal foreign staff and finding ways to retain them requires numerous complexities.

For instance, the language and cultural barrier between an HR manager and an applicant could cause miscommunication in the hiring process. Moreover, the legal and ethical regulations vary from country to country. This difference can cause a conflict in interest between the employer and employee. 

To prevent this, it is ideal to partner with translation services with local knowledge and expertise in hiring foreign talents. Let’s talk more about that in this article.

Why do you need to hire foreign employees?

If hiring foreign employees is complicated, why do it in the first place? That’s because having multinational perspectives are beneficial when you’re planning to enter the global market. They are familiar with their local market and how the business politics work in their region, which could be advantageous.

Aside from that, they can also fill the positions and talents that you need. Each country has its industry expertise, and employing a competitive foreign employee can guarantee you a great outcome. According to a study from Forbes, even the United States is having a shortage of tech and science talents. Thus, most companies are checking out countries such as Vietnam, Poland, and South Korea, where new tech talents are emerging.

Moreover, hiring foreign talents can produce a rich and diverse work culture for better productivity and creativity. Your local and foreign employees can freely share their ideas and perspectives on different matters. It can help improve your employees’ morale and promote a healthy workplace environment.

Benefits of using translation services in the hiring process

Yes, hiring a foreign employee is important but, how can you make your hiring process successful? Start by partnering with translation services that can help you reach new audiences and cross-linguistic borders. They can offer expertise in the language and industry that you are interested in. Here are some of the benefits that you could get from translators:

1. They break the language barrier.

The language barrier is one of the reasons why most foreign talents are hesitant in accepting great offers from other countries. In the hiring and employment process, it is impossible for two persons using different languages to understand each other. Even if the applicants can speak in English, there will still be some words and expressions they aren’t familiar with. Thus, the best solution for this is to partner with translation services that offer the expertise you need.

With the assistance of translators, it will be easier for both the employer and employee to convey their thoughts. A language service provider (LSP) can also offer a wide array of language pairs. This is convenient considering the number of languages that your target countries may use. For example, if you are targeting India, your translator should know at least some of the 121 languages they use.

2. They understand the culture of your target employees.

Another thing that affects the hiring process for foreign applicants is the difference in culture. Every culture has different norms and preferences that may affect an applicant’s decision before taking the job. Some of this will include the working environment, office attires, and schedules. If your translator has experience hiring people in your target country, he/she can give you an idea about these things.

Moreover, translators can avoid misunderstandings and issues between an employer and applicant due to cultural differences. They know the proper use of expressions and the taboos to be avoided in a country thus promoting a more productive conversation.

3. They can share ideas about legislative problems.

If you plan to hire a foreign employee, you must understand the differences in legislation between countries. What’s legal in a country could be highly illegal in another, and the difficulty in handling legal documents could also vary. If you don’t have any idea about them, it would be difficult for you to process their employment.

However, an experienced hiring translator could share with you some ideas about the papers, documents, and other requirements needed for foreign employment. 

4. They can help in preparing essential documents.

Some countries require that the immigration documents that applicants submit are translated to their language. Certified translators could help in providing accurate translations for documents that you need. Translators can also help create a written work document that both parties would understand before the employment.

5. They can translate onboarding and training materials.

One of the main problems of HR personnel is finding an effective way to train their foreign applicants despite the language barrier. One of the solutions for this is by creating a video tutorial beforehand with subtitles. You can also write onboarding and training materials and translate them into other languages before handing them in. 

They are an important factor in retaining foreign employees.

A language and culture barrier could affect the working environment and cause some conflicts in the future. They were also some of the reasons why foreign employees choose to resign after some time of working.

However, you can avoid this by maintaining good communication in the company and establishing an anti-bias policy. If there are any meetings, make sure to provide your foreign employees with translated copies of handouts. 

You can also have the online conferences translated if that is possible. Various live meeting platforms offer subtitling features such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet. Hire reliable translators to convey your messages in the meeting to your multilingual employees.


When expanding your business or just finding great employees, searching in the global talent pool is a great idea. But, prepare for the complexities that you may encounter while hiring foreign employees. Partner with reliable translation services that can help in breaking the linguistic and cultural barriers.

Image by stokpic from Pixabay