On any given workday, how often do you let your eyes (and brain) wander? When you start to look around at your coworkers’ workspaces, you’ll begin to realize how each individual has embedded their own personality into the chair they sit in, the walls that surround them, and the desk that contains their everyday office supplies.

The coworker to the right of you may have multiple pictures from what seems like 10 years’ worth of events. Admit it: you thought to yourself, “Are all those pictures really necessary?” She loves to preserve memories and remembers everyone’s birthday, from the CEO to that guy Jim, who hasn’t worked at the company in five years. She has pictures on her desk of her kid’s every first: first step, first day of school, first date, you get the idea. She also takes pictures at every company event, displaying them with pride on her bulletin board. Essentially, you know her life story, her favorite destinations, her favorite inspiring quote, and an intimate look at her personality just from what’s displayed on her desk.

On the flipside, maybe you’ve encountered the coworker in the corner with nothing but a laptop and notepad on his desk. He comes in and out of the office without a sound, and sometimes you forget that he stills work there. You may even wonder if he has any fun outside of the office. But dig deeper, and you’ll find out this “empty desker” prefers a clean-slate approach to get work done more efficiently.

The point is, we’re all different. Piles of paper might drive some of us crazy, while others don’t even notice clutter. Some of us need those friendly pictures and mementos surrounding us to personalize our space and create a positive environment. Others need a clear area to stay completely focused, sans distractions. Whether we mean to or not, we often judge colleagues based on this small thing.

So now it’s time to think about your own desk. What is it saying to your coworkers? To get you started with your introspection, National Pen has created a GIF-filled desk organization quiz sure to open your eyes. Take it below and find out what your desk really says about you!

Office Personality Quiz Created by Pens.com

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