Hiring managers are responsible for adhering to, assessing, and facilitating the hiring process for an organization. The primary element that connects hiring managers with applicants is the resume. 

Moreover, they have to deal with cover letters and reference letters that support applicants’ abilities and skills. In this case, authenticity and originality become a concerning issue.

It is not ideal for a hiring manager to provide an opportunity to someone who has submitted a plagiarized cover letter or resume with a duplicated description. Hiring inexperienced individuals for the job can result in downsizing or hefty losses for the organization.

This article will shed light on some essential factors of why hiring managers should assess students’ academic records. We will also talk about various methods of checking plagiarism for HR managers.

Why is it Important to Check Plagiarism for HR managers?

  • Identify Forgery and Fraudulent

Forgery and identity theft are considered crimes, and not many students are familiar with their penalties. Anything from forged diplomas to duplicated cover letters can land applicants in trouble if they try to secure a job using them. Forged academic documents can land you in jail

Hiring an individual who has submitted forged or duplicated documents can harm the financial state of an organization. Still, it can also raise a question mark on the HR manager’s abilities. The HR manager may also have to face the consequences of the phony applicant.

  • Hiring the Authentic Person

There are high chances that if a fraud is applying with forged documents, they might commit fraud after joining the company. The job opening is not just about completing the headcount, but you have to find the right person that fits the job.

Each position has its specific requirements based on study and knowledge. But supporting documents like diploma certificates, motivational letters, reference letters, and cover letters are all based on the content provided by the applicant.

The HR manager must verify the validity and originality of these documents before offering the permanent role to any applicant. 

  • The Prosperity of The Company

Each applicant brings a supporting document to state their skillset. By chance, if they can secure a position in the company with fake or plagiarized papers, they may get harmful results for its build success.

In digital marketing, checking plagiarism in the content writer’s work is essential as it is one of the requirements defined by search engines. If the right person is not hired for the marketing department, it may bring all the investment and hours of effort to dust.

plagiarism for hr managers

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How can Hiring Managers Assess Originality?

There are several ways hiring managers can evaluate the credibility of applicants’ document submissions. Let’s look at various methods to assess applicants’ abilities, mainly those who apply as to content writers.

  • Check Student Record

The reference and cover letter are not enough sometimes to support an applicant’s abilities. A recent study has revealed that 50 to 60 percent of college students are involved in submitting plagiarized or direct duplicated content at least once during their academic career.

Moreover, 80 percent of college students have committed an act of cheating on their quizzes and assignment papers. This research shows that most students securing jobs have probably saved some literary crime during their academic careers.

The case study collected data from various educational institutes based on the allegations and fines they have paid for committing cheating during academics.

Therefore, it is recommended for HR managers to assure the authenticity of applicants’ records by contacting their educational institutes or supervisors. HR managers can verify whether the documents submitted by students are plagiarized.

HR managers can ask institutes for students’ complaint records and grade records to learn about the student’s ethical behavior in academics. 

  • Use A Plagiarism Checker

The age of technology has brought many managerial solutions to the hands of marketers and managers. 

There are various HRM software and portals available to manage employee data. But when it comes to the originality of documents, HR managers can rely on a plagiarism checker to provide instant reports.

HR managers can run resumes, cover letters, and reference letters through plagiarism checkers to assess the credibility of documents submitted by an applicant.

A plagiarism report can make it straightforward for applicants to state that they have submitted copied or duplicated content. 

Using a plagiarism checker, you can quickly hint at any forgery or duplicated content by checking the resources mentioned in the plagiarism report.

In the case of content writers, hiring managers can check plagiarism in their recent work, which has not been published, to assess their abilities. 

Various plagiarism checkers are specially made to assess students’ research work and assignments. They provide a complete score and report on the matched resources, leading HR managers to learn about the original piece of work.

The plagiarism checker presents a score on each report stated on the matched resources and originality score. HR managers can keep a threshold of plagiarism in this case for accepting a certain percentage of duplication in an applicant’s submissions.

  • Recruitment Test

Another way to evaluate an applicant’s abilities is by performing an on-site evaluation test. In the case of content writers, it’s the most effective technique as HR managers can ask them to write a sample on a specific topic. Then the recruiter can check plagiarism of that content to assess the uniqueness score.

This test is preferable under supervision as it can carry more credibility weight for securing a job than a cover letter and motivational letter. A plagiarism checker can become a handy tool for recruiters to evaluate content writers and bloggers.


Hiring managers have one of the essential roles in a company’s progression. Stakeholders of a company are dependent on hiring managers to provide the workforce to run the business. 

In this case, hiring managers is essential in recruiting skilled and proficient individuals. By chance, if an incapable individual is hired for a critical post, it can bring significant financial and progression loss for the organization.