Increase Productivity at Work

Every human resources worker knows that employees should be protected and the company can help them do their jobs better. However, it is often hard to accommodate everyone’s specific needs, but HR workers do their best to at least provide plenty of advice on how to stay more rested and do the job better as a benefit. So, let us see the most common advice HR gives to their workers and what they can do in order to increase productivity at work. 

Make Sure Employees are Sitting Comfortably

If employees are uncomfortable at their desks and spend too much time sitting down, they are bound to feel pain and lose focus and productivity. Luckily, standing desks have shown up in recent years and completely changed the game for office workers. You can provide adjustable desks to your employees so they have a choice whether they want to sit down or work standing up. Standing and adjustable desks promote physical activity of your employees and it can even help them burn more calories. What is more, The Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that changing the working environment in such a way can help prevent obesity, reduce stress, promote healthy spine and many other health benefits. 

Since there is going to be a chair, it should be a quality one. If employees constantly have to adjust the chair or frequently stand up to avoid pain, then they are bound to be less productive. That is why employers should focus on providing ergonomic chairs that will support their backs and be comfortable enough for long-term sitting. 

Promote Healthy Habits

Since your employees are spending most of their time during the day at work, you should make sure to help them acquire better lifestyle habits, for many reasons. For example, you should encourage your workers to eat healthy during the day, because making wrong choices at lunchtime can greatly affect their productivity later on. So, encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables and to avoid food such as pasta, bread and fizzy drinks. Those glucose packed foods can make your blood sugar crash which only makes you sleepy, thus making you less productive. On the other hand, healthy foods filled with protein and vitamins will keep the blood sugar regulated and your workers on alert. 

Another thing you should encourage them is to sleep as much as they can. If your employees are not well-rested chances are good that they won’t be happy coming to work and they won’t be as productive as people who had a good night’s sleep. You can even talk to them about their sleeping habits and how to avoid any back and neck pain, or even teach them about neck pain relief methods. 

Provide the Right Tech

Every company today relies on technology for doing the work or just communication. And if your technology is outdated or you have chosen wrong programs and other means of communication, your employees are bound to delay work or do it with less productivity. If you choose the right products and implement them well, your employees won’t have issues using them and will be a bit happier while working. 

If there are any outdated computers, monitors, keyboards or any other piece of hardware, make sure it gets replaced. Minimize communication inside the company through emails, because they can be tedious. Instead, invest in much better channels, such as Slack for example and employees will be more happy to communicate with each other with ease. 

Support Flexible Hours

It is important that your company and organization understands that employees have their lives outside work and that flexible working is a great morale and productivity boost. If you know that employees spend hours commuting which drains their finances and environment, why not propose work from home or other locations? This gives them an opportunity to work in peace which can help them be more productive. In addition to being more pleased with flexible hours, workers will become happier with their job up to 12%, which will only help them work harder. Plus, if they know you trust them doing their job no matter where and when, they will be more willing to do their job and do it well.

We are all responsible for our own productivity, but there is so much HR workers can do to help employees be more productive. What is more, if you promote their happiness and satisfaction at work, they will be more willing to work and they will do a good job if they know the company is on their side. 

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels