3 Workspace Hacks To Boost Productivity

Technology has transformed the workplace in unimaginable ways–many of them good, some of them bad. While new technology is certainly improving lives and increasing efficiency, the level of workplace stress has risen dramatically in the past two decades.

Office-related stress causes 1 million Americans to miss work each day, which, ultimately costs US businesses a massive $300 billion annually. Because of this, more and more businesses are looking for new ways to increase productivity and decrease workload.

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Office automation providers like JJBender.com are at the forefront of this movement. These companies are constantly looking for creative and innovative ways to boost workplace productivity and, in the process, improve workplace conditions.

If you’re looking for ways to make your office a better place, here are 3 Workspace Hacks To Boost Productivity.

1. Remote Printing

Printers, scanners, and photocopying machines can create bottlenecks and all sorts of inconveniences in your office. Spare yourself from the hassle and invest in a wifi or bluetooth-enabled printer. By doing so, you’ll be able to decongest your office printing area and save a lot of time. All you need to do is print remotely from your desk and pick up your papers when the job is complete. Talk about convenient!

While this may not seem like a lot, when you consider that the average office office worker prints 10,000 pages a year, the perspective changes.

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2. Task Managers And Virtual Workspaces

It can be difficult to keep up with everything going on in the office. If you’re like most, the sheer number of tasks, assignments, emails, documents, etc. on your plate can be overwhelming at times, especially if your work alongside different departments.

In this situation, the worst you can do is multitask. Although a lot of people think they perform better when multitasking, the science very strongly disagrees. Psychology Today says that multitasking is a myth. The human brain can only focus on one task at any given moment. When you’re multitasking, your brain is actually switch-tasking (or switching frantically from one task to another), which results in diminished productivity and higher energy expenditure.

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Software such as Trello and Confluence can give you the tools you need to stay on top of all your work. Instead of switching from one line of communication to another, you can see all your ongoing assignments, deadlines, pending requests, etc. in one place.

3. Email Marketing Automation

Managing emails can be a massive productivity killer. In a study by the University of Glasgow, 80% of all emails were identified as “a waste of time”, meaning they did little to further an intended goal. What is more, many email exchanges do little to help you at your job.

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to unchain yourself from your inbox, invest in email management software like GetResponse and Iterable. These allow you to manage your inboxes, track multiple messages, and keep tab of relevant metrics.

Instead of micromanaging each message, utilize software that allows you to see the big picture. In the long run, this may be exactly what you need to be more productive.

The road to productivity is not as elusive as you may think. All it takes is a little planning and the right tools.

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