How To Manage A Team Whilst Running A Business

Many business owners hire managers to do this for them because it means they can focus primarily on the running and success of their company, but not everyone has the resources to do this. Especially those businesses that are fairly new in existence. Being a manager means you need to oversee your workforce in a positive way from a HR perspective that drives success but at the same time you must also focus on the intricacies of the business. IT sounds tough, but it can be done if you really put your mind to it.

In this article you can see how management can be made easy while still enacting certain business policies that helps your business flourish in a passive sense. You may already be doing some of these, but try the others and see if they can make a positive impression and help your business soar.

Lead By Example

If you are managing your team you need to spend time with them doing what they do. If you don’t then you will receive no or a limited amount of success. Get involved from the ground up. It is beneficial to you because you will know exactly what they are doing and what it takes to get it down. Show them what hard work can do and they will follow your example and work to success too.

If they see their boss working hard then they will work to the same standard, if you slack then they will too. Of course, as a business owner you can’t do this all the time, but if you are managing them you should aim to do this for an hour or so a day to sense check what level your team are working at. This gives you time to both manage and also focus on the other aspects of your business such as marketing and growth.

Be Professional

If you maintain a professional facade then both your team and business will benefit. Staying professional means your team will see how serious and committed you are to the business and as such will always try to do their best. If you appear relaxed and sloppy then this will reflect in their work output. Put in some semblance of effort. Wear a suit, conduct yourself well.

This applies to how your business appears to customers and business relations too. Keep professional through everything you do and you will see your customer base stay steady and your workforce work harder for you. To get the most professional look possible consider a complete mail forwarding address for business.

Incentivise Good Work

While you are trying to manage a team and run your business you need to know your employees aren’t sacking off. Some people are more prone to it than others but it can really hurt the productiveness of your business. If you give rewards for targets and good work then you can know they are always going to be striving to succeed because they will want the reward.

People work harder when they know the end result will be stacked in their favour. Money is the best reward, but consider other privileges too like an extra day off work or something similar. Doing this also shows you are a fair and benevolent leader.

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Offer A Career Path

Another passive way of getting the best out of your team when you are busy elsewhere is by offering a career path. If you drop the hint that one day you could be promoting someone to be a manager, so that you don’t have to be so involved on that level, then you will see their work output soar. This is primarily because they will want to be in with a shot at promotion. You benefit because having a manager means you have someone to hold to account if the workforce aren’t working as they should and it also frees your time up.

The issue here comes with dangling this incentive but never following through. This can really hurt your credibility, so only make this offer if you do intend on promoting someone from your current workforce.

Don’t Shy From Discipline

Sometimes nothing works better than going down the formal route and giving someone a warning. If someone is completely unruly and you fail to punish them then you will lose all respect. You need to stop people like this and show them you are the boss and that you’ll not pay someone to perform below par.

Doing this ensures your team works to a high standard because they know they will be in danger of losing their job if they slack off. Again, the danger here comes with giving disciplinaries for small infractions. You still want them to work for you out of respect and not hate. You could also be in trouble at a tribunal for unfair dismissal and work based punishment, so be careful and only ever give them to people who deserve them.

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