Daily Habits of Inspiring Leaders Anybody Can Adopt

Inspired by the success and creativity of Mark Zuckerberg? Envious of the greatness of Dalai Lama? Cherish the idea of leading the world of cosmetic fashion like Huda of Huda Beauty? If you have been nodding a yes to all of the above questions, then you too can adopt habits that will help you become a leader in your sector or attain inspiring fan following like famous leaders and celebrities.

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It is our habits that shape our life and future. As per the wise words of Sean Covey in “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens: The Ultimate Teenage Success Guide,” “We become what we repeatedly do.” This is a clear indication of how we need to adopt habits and lifestyle that pertain to positivity and encouragement to move forward.

1. Listening and Asking Questions

This may not sound like something extraordinary, but it can be the winning feature for anyone. Understand this, being a leader is not just about going on and on yourself. Real quality lies in being able to communicate well. Speaking sophisticated words written by others will not be beneficial in the long run. Instead, develop the skill to understand and bring change where need be.

According to Jenny Blake, co-founder of Google’s mentoring program, tough conversation is mainly about listening, where only 25% should be advice and 75% should be listening to what is being said. Have you been doing the same? If not then start practicing and see the visible difference it brings.

2. Read and Read Some More

Reading is perhaps the one common thing among all great leaders. It does not really matter what you read, but that you do read something. Fiction, history, current affairs, politics, history are few of the subjects that you can begin with. You will be surprised with how much inspiration and guidance you are able to decipher from reading a variety of books.

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The best way to get into the habit of reading, if you aren’t already, is to pick a book that is of your interest. This way you won’t be likely to leave it in the middle. Try to incorporate reading into your daily schedule before bedtime, or while you are transiting from one place to another.

3. Curiosity Facilitates the Cat!

The age-old tale that curiosity kills the cat needs to be discarded. Realize the fact that if you are not curious, then you are missing out on a lot of information that could have helped you in life. It is now an acknowledged fact that the more you take an interest in something and ask about it, the more you will be able to discover. The horizon of your thoughts will increase. This is why leaders stand out from the ordinary people. They think, ask questions and continue to learn new things almost on a daily basis.

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4. Physical and Mental Health

Without sound health, you are nothing, be it physical wellbeing or mental health. You need to take care of what you eat, drink, how you exercise and what you allow to stay in your mind and heart. Pay particular attention to what goes in your mouth and make an effort to eat healthy. Try to adjust jogging/walking/yoga in your daily routine to keep the body active and your mind fresh. Exercise releases endorphins or the happy hormones that keep your mind and heart happy too.

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5. Time & Money Management

Time is money and management of both is a key trait of leaders. They realize the need for procurement of both, and the sooner you make it a habit, the better for you. Keep an account where you keep emergency money and be sure to invest in proper places. As far as your time is concerned, you need to not only attain punctuality but also ensure that you do not allow anyone to waste your time. Creating reminders and calendars in advance is always a plus.

6. Gratitude and Humility is Key

Never forget that you are wherever you are because of many others behind you – family, friends, colleagues, teachers and more. Remaining grateful to them is what is going to take you further. How can you repay their service/love and debt? By giving to others.

Leaders do not only think about themselves, but they are also always striving to make others climb the ladder with them. And this is something you must be on the lookout for each day.

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Humility in your attitude is going to win over many people for you. Be sure to remain grounded in the reality that if today is your rise, tomorrow could be your downfall. So help others and watch how the support comes back right at you.

7. Starting the Day

At a loss about how you can incorporate new habits of the leaders within you? Start from the beginning of a day. Instill in yourself the habit of rising early. Once you are up, be sure to the brush your teeth and have a healthy breakfast. The go for a jog/run or do yoga. This will not only help your body get rid of lethargy, but your mind will also come fully awake.

Then continue on with work/studies. Plan out your day by either writing down on a notebook/whiteboard or in the notes of your phone. This will allow you to have a semblance of all the tasks that need to be completed in proper order. Be sure to put in your all in whatever you do. Try your best and leave the rest.

Try to add the habits mentioned above one by one in your routine. Remember, bad habits take up a lot of space, and until you are willing to quit them, room for healthy practices cannot be acquired. Yes, it will not be easy to get rid of bad behavior, but continue trying, and you will be able to come up the winner.

So give up the ones that are coming in the way of your success and incorporate habits that will guide you towards greatness. Best of luck!

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