Finding a reliable employee is quite difficult these days. Even the biggest companies offer all kinds of package deals and anything else they can come up with just to lure the best they can find.

Of course, getting yourself out there with hopes of getting noticed is just one side of the coin. Another would be actively looking for potential candidates and becoming proactive in your searches. 

Social media plays a massive role in your lives at the moment, and while platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are obvious for finding new candidates, most businesses overlook Instagram. There is this stigma that this place is just a hub for influencers and individuals who love to take selfies and snap food pictures.

The reality is quite different. Instagram could become a strong ally in your ordeal. If you do not believe it, continue reading and things will become clear.

Using Instagram

When you start working on Instagram, you will have to focus on two things – attracting potential employees and sourcing them. As the two are quite different, it is understandable that the strategies involved are also not the same. 


Have doubts about potentially attracting talent on Instagram? Well, there are those who are already doing it. And it all starts with building a brand identity. 

Showcase Your Personality

Instagram has plenty of features to accomplish that. You can make use of stories, one of their recent features. It helps when you want to reveal your human side and make things a bit more interesting. For more on Instagram stories, check out this helpful blog post from Oberlo


It is without a doubt that hashtags are the thing that makes finding you possible on Instagram. That is if you use relevant hashtags on your content. And people really do follow them. Instagram has over one billion active monthly users. All of them with a hobby or two. It is one of the reasons why they are using Instagram in the first place.

Recruiting in a particular industry means that you have to put relevant hashtags. Put them everywhere you can – posts, stories, even comments. The more often you use them, the better off you will be.

Instagram TV

You can take the next step in the recruiting process by implementing Instagram TV in your plan. What this does is simple. Instagram TV is an additional platform that allows you to post longer videos. Regularly, you can only post anything from 15 seconds and 10 minutes. So if you want to carry out your message in more detail, and in the video format, you will certainly need this.


Sourcing candidates is more or less the same, except you will be redirecting them to other companies and work as a middleman. There are some who have doubts about recruitment agencies in general, so keep that in mind when you are looking for a candidate. Do not let your employers down.

You will want to pay attention to hashtags again. Pick what you feel are the most relevant for the job and look for candidates that are engaging with such content. 

Users that follow, comment, and like particular profiles are more likely to be interested in working in that industry, so approaching them would make a lot more sense. Think of them as your targeted demographic. 


Now some people you might try recruiting could be considered authorities in their respective niches, or they could simply be called influencers. If you are aiming for these individuals, you will likely need to do some prep work before actually approaching them.

Engage with their content and show them that you are interested in whatever it is they are doing. Get them to know you, but do not spam their feed too much because you are going to get ignored. 

And this sort of strategy is good for more than just looking to recruit. If you are trying to grow your social media channel, look for more than just pumping content daily. Boosting your profile and building your reputation is important if you want to survive in any type of business.

All in all, if you are looking to take your recruiting skills to the next level and expand your network to a point where you can feel pretty relaxed about having enough options, consider Instagram as one of the best-untapped markets.

It is very unlikely that the growth of Instagram is going to slow down in the future, and as more and more people are looking for a job on the internet, you can be certain that such platforms will only become even more popular for job hunting. 

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