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In an industry that changes often in a typical year, the recruitment industry will see some significant changes in 2021 due to the impact that the pandemic has had on the job market around the world. Luckily, many of these changes will be positive and will likely stick around for a while to allow for improvements and growth in the industry. 

A recruiter’s job is to seek out candidates that are the best of the best. In order to be able to successfully find the ideal candidate, skilled recruiters need to stay ahead of the game and know what is happening in both the job market and their own industry as the trends change. Even though a trend may be temporary, it is vital for recruiters to stay aware and up-to-date on the trends to ensure they do their job well. 

The Virtual Hiring Trend is Here to Stay 

One of the more obvious and consistent changes across the board in the majority of job fields is the use of virtual hiring and remote working. The pandemic showed the need for hiring to be done remotely, but even when things return to a new normal remote working and hiring isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 
The new and large increase in remote working is showing the need for an increase in tech positions as well as the need for a strong virtual hiring process that runs efficiently and effectively. In order for recruitment companies to find quality candidates, they must be willing to hire virtually. This will allow them to have access to top candidates first which will ensure that they find the right candidate for the job. 
Many industries are realizing the benefit of teleworking for both the employee and employer. It is cost-effective to have fewer people in an office space. And from an employee standpoint, the flexibility of working from home is a much-desired benefit. Recruiters need to find ways to sell remote working to both the business and the potential hire as this trend from the pandemic is going to be a part of the new normal. 

The Importance of the Adaptability Trend

Whether you were job seeking, recruiting, or hiring in the last year or so adaptability was the name of the game. As the world changed, so did the job market and the recruiting process. Changes could happen instantly in any job and you had to find a way to adapt, whether it was through new or different responsibilities or sometimes an entire job description change. The need for adaptability and flexibility is a trend that will continue into 2021. 
One of the most significant components in regards to adaptability is openness and eagerness to learn. Recruiters need to recognize the need for new training as well as the importance of embracing a willingness to learn on a consistent basis. Being a lifelong learner has always been important for career advancement and success and even more so now with the rate of change happening in the world. 
Another component of adaptability comes with the need for more on-demand jobs. Many companies realized they may only need a position temporarily. Although this can make it challenging at times during the recruiting process, it also allows flexibility for both the employer or employee which is a strong selling point for potential hires. 

The Diversity Trend that Needs to be a Priority 

Diversity and inclusion have been part of the hiring and business worlds for years as they should be. But the last year has shown that there needs to be improvement and priority when it comes to being intentional about interviewing and hiring to ensure that diversity and inclusion are at the core of your company. 
Make sure to include the intent to be an equitable and inclusive environment and make sure to follow through with the intent. Strong leadership is essential in improving equality and diversity in any work environment. If your recruiting process is not focused on this aspect of the world right now, it will seem both insensitive and outdated. 
If current and future employees don’t feel that there is a culture of diversity and inclusivity, retention and hiring rates will go down. The words diversity, inclusion, and equity should be a part of both the job description and interview process. And more importantly, recruiters and companies need to follow through and make it a part of the office culture. 

A Trend of Focusing on Mental Health

Any good employer is going to have a policy to support mental health and that has never been more necessary or true than now. A growing trend in the recruiting industry and the job market is for potential hires to ask about mental health benefits. Providing employees with tools and resources to support their mental health is beneficial for everyone involved as a healthy and happy employee is a productive employee. 
Whether it is providing employees with training to support healthy mental well-being or providing therapy free of charge, the mental health conversation in recruiting and hiring is becoming more and more popular thanks to the pandemic changing the ways of the world. Make sure to mention the mental health options that are available during the recruiting process to show potential hires you recognize the need for a work environment that makes mental health a priority. 

Keeping Up With Trends in Recruiting

Recruiting can be a fast-paced and rewarding job. At other times it may feel hard to keep up with trend-wise. But with some training and willingness to always be learning, it isn’t so hard keeping up. The trends that are occurring in 2021 are beneficial and show an understanding and appreciation for growth and overall well-being for both employers and employees.
Many of these trends will set a precedent for a balanced work-home life and a focus on inclusivity and progress, all good things for both sides of the hiring process. So embrace the trends and enjoy the benefits that they have to offer for the recruiting industry. 

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay