Appropriate Candidate

The process of getting the best freelancer for your work is anything but easy, as you never know who you are dealing with and whether you have the right man for your job. When you want to hire the best freelancer, what do you look for during the process of selection? How to know he/she is the right person? Well, we will present several ideas in this article so you could know how to find the appropriate candidate. In order to know how to hire a freelancer that is the right for your job, there are things you should determine in advance and we will explain everything here.

Know what you are looking for

You must know what you are looking for, as this is the best way to find the most appropriate candidate for your job. Therefore, start by making a list of attributes and skills that you need for your project, so you could know how to start your hiring process. This makes everything much easier. All entry level science writing jobs, for example, will require a candidate to have passed TEFL or similar language certification program. All writing jobs require perfect grammar, vocabulary and overall command of the language, so the list of needed skills for freelance writing jobs could be: language certification, earlier work examples, and a free example of the writing style. 

Determine what you can afford

Always be realistic about what you can offer and what you can pay to your freelancers, but have in mind that you always get what you pay for. Therefore, you can find someone to code you a simple app for $10, but how the app will work is the whole different story. The point is to find the balance. You want a person that is not so expensive but who would provide you with the good work that would not require additional tweaking and editing. Give a freelancer an initial test to see how he performs so you could know how much money you would give him, but always have in mind your budget.

Check for recommendations

As you know, you want to hire someone who is a good person and a good worker that will fulfill all your requirements. The best thing to do is to look for someone that one of your friends or colleagues recommends you. You can join a global freelance group. Or you can simply ask one of your freelancers that you have worked with if he could recommend anyone who is a reliable worker. You would be surprised how many talented people are there who are waiting to get a job, so try to get a recommendation for someone.

Eliminate the unqualified candidates

If you have an increased number of applications, the primary goal is to eliminate those that are not suitable for your job. In order to improve the elimination process and make it easier, you can include a video presentation in your job requirements, just to eliminate the candidates who are not qualified. This is a good thing when dealing with writing jobs. Everyone wants this work, but you do not have to waste it just like that, so separate the unqualified workers from the qualified ones to make everything easier for you. Also, if a freelancer completed the task you wanted and you are not satisfied with his work, you can move on with the next candidate, as you are not obliged to continue working with the previous one.

Be cautious

Be careful about the candidates as they might cause problems to you when it comes to meeting deadlines with your clients. There is nothing worse than breaching the deadline just because your freelancer had to catch the plane that did not arrive on time. The client does not want to hear these stories. It might be better to pay two freelancers to get your work done, or at higher rates, than a low-cost freelancer who is not so good in the job you need. Be extra careful when setting the deadlines, milestones and everything else, as you need to take into account the deal with your clients.

Think of freelancers from different time zones

The freelance and overall offer of jobs online had caused millions of people to sign in into the job platforms to search for jobs. Therefore, it is not a strange thing to see a guy from the opposite part of the world applying to your job offer. This can be an advantage in some cases. While you are sleeping, the guy from another time zone has just woken up and started working on your project. Before you got to sleep, you write all the things that you would like to have changed and once you get up, you have the finished tasks and completed work.

Be clear about deadlines

All jobs online use strict deadlines as a way to ensure that the job will be completed in the specified timeframe. Specify in advance the amount of work that needs to be done so the freelancer could organize his schedule to complete the tasks on time. This is where the regular communication steps in. You need to be in constant communication with a freelancer and notify if there are some strict timeframe that needs to be taken into consideration. Or some other things that might influence the overall time for completion of the tasks.

Present your offer

You may offer writing opportunities for students to give them insight into the work while you are paying the lower price. Still, this means you need to present your offer clearly in advance, set all the conditions, and specify the timeframe requested for the tasks. This saves you a lot of trouble. Actually, it helps you and the freelancer to finish everything on time without skipping any tasks to complete. On top of that, the freelancer should see the price you offer for the work you need as you want to be clear about payments and the job.

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