Customized eLearning

The concept of e-learning is becoming ubiquitous, especially in the corporate sector. Smart organizations who recognize their employees as the most valuable assets invest in employee training and development. And, for it, they rely only on e-learning. The number of e-learning technologies has approximately doubled in the past five years, allowing organizations across the globe to tailor their training content as per the needs and requirements of its employees. 

Are you wondering what makes the buzz around e-learning alive? How is it that e-learning has attracted an exponential amount of attention from the corporate sector too? Well, the multitude of benefits it offers is hard to resist hence companies are accelerating towards continuous knowledge enhancement of their workforce via e-learning. 

Enough of the talking! We’ll move to the advantages of e-learning which makes it an ideal choice among corporates for employee training. Read on! 

Customized eLearning: The Latest Trend

eLearning methodologies have developed at a stunning rate. One such is the customization option available which companies can opt for. This implies that managers can work towards aligning employee training and development plans with the business objectives. 

Customized e-learning attracts numerous benefits, one of which is making the course learner-focused. With this, organizations are able to fill the gaps between the current state of employee capabilities and their desired state.  

Secondly, when employees are taught the desired skills and they are able to put the same into practise, training is most effective. That being said, organizations leave no stone unturned to incorporate case studies, scenarios that mimic real workplace instances which results in better performance and enhanced productivity. Moreover, such courses are the most cost-effective and foster growth and development

Of late, the demand in customized eLearning courses in both public and private sector has witnessed a remarkable hike. So, let’s hope that this helps to bridge the skills gap required to achieve a specific organizational objective. 

Self-paced learning

Can you grasp things and learn at your own pace in a classroom training? Well, a majority of you will deny it. In fact, often there’s a high chance of you getting bored or losing interest in a group setting.

But, e-learning offers the flexibility of learning at your own pace. There is no additional pressure on your employees and they can meet their learning objectives as desired. You just need to offer your employees the online course and from there on, they are the masters. This not only facilitates high retention and recall but also makes e-learning fun and interesting. 

While flexibility, effectiveness, and convenience are obvious benefits of e-learning for employees, did you know that it is also scalable? That being said, you can train as many employees as you want and also reap the benefits of the course until later on by sharing the same training with other employees which emphasizes re-usability. 

Reduced employee attrition

The LinkedIn workplace report of 2018 states that 94% of employees would stay at an organization longer if it invested in their career. 

You might have heard that e-learning increases the loyalty of existing employees and helps to retain them for long. Well, that’s true. Gone are the days when professional skills development was an expensive and tedious affair. Instead, it is made easier and cheaper with e-learning.

Overcoming the barriers of time and space, e-learning helps to hone the skills of existing employees and they can even learn new skills with the training program. For instance, there are many organizations today that maintain online course libraries. This allows the learners to enrol in the required e-learning course. Furthermore, with various engagement strategies in places like custom e-learning, micro-learning, self-paced learning, videos, gamification, and others alike, learning has become all the more effective and plays a vital role in employee retention.

Moreover, organizations who leave no stone unturned in employee training and are on a spree to fill their vacant roles that attract talented candidates. All thanks to the consistent efforts of training their employees via e-learning. 

Efficiency combined with economy

 Traditional methods of learning have always been associated with being time-consuming, expensive, being away from work, and also includes documentation costs. Well, thanks to e-learning which doesn’t let you experience any such hardship! 

eLearning schedules can be easily incorporated with the busy schedules of employees alongside their work. They can not only learn at their own convenience but also save a lot of time and money. There aren’t any documentation costs, conveyance charges, or anything alike involved which thus has less impact on the environment.

Alongside, e-learning also eliminates the costs and efforts of staff trainers and instructors who need to be paid and trained separately. 

Track employee success

With e-learning, employers can easily track the success of employees with the feature of robust reporting and analytics that comes with e-learning programs. Alongside generic information about course completion and certifications, organizations can also obtain detailed reports on: course completion dates, assessment results, time logged in different training modules, facilitator evaluations, and employee satisfaction. 

This gives a fair idea of the employees’ participation and success in the online training program alongside measuring its overall effectiveness. Furthermore, employers are able to create new policies, concepts, and training ideas for the future. 

Final thoughts

eLearning technologies are indispensable in today’s era. And, it is pretty evident from the benefits offered by e-learning mentioned above. Apart from these, e-learning platforms offer a very interactive and collaborative approach to learning. Moreover, robust reporting and analytics of these programs serve as a huge advantage to the organizations. So, if you’re looking for new hire solutions or wish to retain existing employees, e-learning is the way to go. Compare different programs and choose the one best suited for your company.

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