A few decades ago, artificial intelligence was pure science fiction. However, developments in technology have made AI accessible for nearly everyone. AI has the capacity to help all facets of business, including recruiting. Here’s how you can use AI technology to find the best talent for your company:

  1. Automated Job Advertising

Remember how much time you used to spend writing job ads and then publishing them online? Thanks to AI, you can automate all the work. Programmatic job advertising makes it possible to purchase, publish, and optimize job ads without lifting a finger. AI technology analyzes current job trends to determine how a specific recruitment ad will perform. AI technology can even help an oil and gas recruiter denver find the most qualified candidates to fill a highly specialized position.

  1. Marketing Software for Recruitment

Finding talent isn’t a walk in the park. Skilled candidates want to work for well-known, reputable brands. Merely advertising a position won’t necessarily result in promising interviews. Instead, there is a push toward marketing over advertising. AI recruiting software makes it possible to create a compelling job listing and build your brand simultaneously. This type of software helps companies transform lackluster job ad content into something that’s both exciting and engaging.

  1. Interview with a Bot

Many brands have relied on chatbots to entice interested candidates to apply for an opening. However, it’s also possible to utilize this popular AI technology to interview applicants. Of course, AI bots won’t replace in-person interviews, but companies can use them as a pre-screening tool. Bots can collect responses and relevant documents to forward to the hiring manager. Chatbots can streamline and automate the interview process, making it possible for companies to screen more candidates than ever before.

  1. Rediscovery Software

Remember that highly-qualified person who applied for a job a few years back? You didn’t offer them a job at the time, but you now have an opening for a new role. You think they’d be a perfect fit, but you can’t remember their name. Instead of giving up, you can now rely on AI software to rediscover candidates who previously applied for your company. AI technology can match qualified candidates based on their experience. Bots will even reconnect with these applicants via social media or email. Artificial intelligence ensures you won’t have to scour through years of old files to find a past applicant’s contact information.

  1. Job Aggregators

According to LinkedIn,60-percent of job-seekers use online job boards to find available positions. Posting a listing on as many boards as possible will ensure you get the most leads. However, there are a lot of job boards out there. That’s why it’s wise to rely on AI job aggregators to help advertise your job postings. Whenever an interested candidate opens your listing, the bot redirects them to the original posting location to apply. You can even use AI bots to check out competing brands to compare wages, benefits, and other job perks.

AI Is the Biggest Recruiting Trend

Years ago, job recruiters had limited resources to find qualified candidates. Many would end up settling on a second-rate applicant just to fill a position. However, AI technology now makes it possible to reach a deeper pool of candidates. Various AI bots and software streamline the recruiting process for hiring departments. Best of all, companies are now able to find the best talent for every opening they post.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay