We’ve all experienced the dreaded post-lunch dip. It can ruin a second half of your day if you don’t recover quickly enough. Sometimes, coffee isn’t enough to get the job done. But, luckily there is a ton of research out there that can help everyone from the night-owls to the early birds to rework their schedules to stay productive and boost energy the old fashioned way.

One major way is by listening to your natural circadian rhythms. Not everyone is hard-wired to be an early riser. And your most productive time of the day might be later in the evening. Sometimes it’s harder to fight these chronotypes than it is to simply embrace them.

GetVoIP has put together 20 ways to boost your energy at work. They outlined the importance of recognizing your chronotype and using it to remain productive. The dolphin, lion, bear, wolf all have different times of day where their focus is the most intense.

They also outlined simple tips for naturally boosting energy levels when you are feeling down on the job:

Wait two hours after waking up to drink coffee: While caffeine is a natural energy booster, having it just after you wake up can end up making you crash.

Eat low-carb foods: Avocado, kale, bananas, and nuts are the best energy-boosting foods.

Stay hydrated: Make sure you drink ample amounts of water during the day. Dehydration is one of the top causes of the energy crash.

Listen to music: Rocking to your favorite tunes can trigger dopamine, which activates energy.

Exercise: Try to get the blood flowing and exercise during the lunch break or at work to re-energize yourself.

Laughter: Studies have found that laughter can improve your energy level.

Standing: You can get a boost of natural energy from standing, which helps blood flow.

Cute Animals: Researchers have uncovered that looking at pictures of cute animals improves productivity.

Check out the infographic for more ideas:

[Infographic] Post-Lunch Dip? Here’s How To Get Your Energy Back

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