Your profession can define a big part of who you are. When introducing yourself, one of the first questions people commonly ask is, “What do you do?” Employees spend 40 plus hours a week in their work environment and more time thinking about it. We are immersed in the industry we have chosen. With so much time and energy invested, how do employees really feel about their job?

People’s opinions of their job end up having impacts outside of the office. A study by Gallup found that unhappy workers cost the US between $450-550 billion in lost productivity. A disgruntled employee is also more likely to slander the company and hurt its reputation. Sites like Glassdoor are creating more transparency in companies, making it even more essential that they keep their employees happy.

Unhappy workers can also develop health issues. These complications include loss of sleep, unhealthy weight gain, lowered immune system, and ruined relationships. Outcomes such as these negatively impact the individual as well as the company.

With so much riding on the issue, companies have a large incentive to keep their employees happy. The HR department, although known for hiring, training and payroll, plays a direct role in making sure employees are happy and healthy. With content workers, the business as a whole will run smoother.

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So how do you know if your company is doing a good job of keeping employees happy? You ask them. EBI interviewed 2,000 people to find out how they felt about their jobs. The individual’s responses were put on a scale of love, hate or neutral. The HR departments must be doing their job because not only did the individuals like their job, they loved it.

Do younger workers like their job more or less? Are men or women more likely to be content at work? This infographic breaks down the data by age and gender to determine what demographics were more inclined to be satisfied in their work environment.

[Infographic] Do You Know How Your Employees Feel About Their Jobs?

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