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Happy Brain Science

Happier employees and leaders are more effective, engaged, resilient, creative, social, and productive – all crucial factors in organizational success. We are passionate about collaborating with innovative companies who want to be on the forefront of leveraging science to do better work, whether they are brand new start-ups or established leaders in their industry.

“Scott is a fantastic presenter. He has knoweldge and rapport with audience, but most important to me, a degree of humility and self-deprecation in his presentation. Brilliant job”
Dean Miller, Hewlett-Packard Company  |  United States | Employee Happiness

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AcknowledgmentWorks provides businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations with the skills and tools necessary to increase employee engagement and enhance organizational culture. Through a custom mix of consulting, training, and coaching services, we work directly with individuals and groups to promote effectiveness and generate tangible solutions.

“Personally, you have pressed me to think more about how I approach things in my life. I have improved my relationships with my team and consequently, my team has had better results.”
Manager, Fidelity Investments  |  United States | Employee Recognition

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The Engagement Agency
The Engagement Agency is a service designed to bring the best engagement solutions to organizations of all sizes through professional marketing and management consulting companies that provide full service solutions, to coaching, assessment, learning, communications, innovation, rewards and recognition, analytics and other companies that offer tactical solutions.

Engagement Agency partners and consultants are trained in the framework and implementation process of engagement and supported when needed by a national team of experts selected specifically based on client needs and resources. All of the Engagement Agency’s solutions are designed solely to address the needs of clients; we offer no “pre-packaged” solution other than an engagement framework already available at no cost from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at

Twelve Winds Consulting

Twelve Winds works with you to deliver sustainable growth by aligning your people with your values & strategy. We bring together experience in strategy, organisational development, and corporate responsibility to ensure every part of the organisation is working toward the same goals. Our mission is to provide our clients with the skills and advice they need to develop and maintain an inclusive and sustainable business strategy. We believe that to be successful, companies must be committed to good corporate citizenship, with sustainability and corporate responsibility at the core of their values and strategy.


Employee Engagement
If your employees don’t care,why should you?
Employee engagement is one of the major factors that impacts your company’s results. Transform your business now through Employee Engagement online training and implementation.

The Employee Engagement Group

As a personal trainer for your corporate culture, the Employee Engagement Group will help you shift the dial from potential to performance by engaging both the minds and hearts of your employees. Take a group of employees. Help them develop a shared vision where they each have a stake in the outcome. Then get ready for an exciting ride because new frontiers are waiting to be explored. At the Employee Engagement Group, we believe that by taking risks, we ignite ingenuity. That by sharing excitement, we open doors to untapped creativity and real innovation, to mutual accountability and measurable results. Because when people bring their minds and hearts to any endeavor, it feels less like work and more like an adventure where the sky is the limit. So long mediocrity, you don’t stand a chance.


Thymometrics, headquartered in the UK and with offices in NYC, France and Spain, is the leading global supplier of always-on, real-time employee engagement and feedback solutions. Our unique and simple survey enables employees to express their views and feelings about the place they work at any time and via any device. Out-of-the-box analytics for managers provides a broad array of flexible and real-time reports, dashboards and trend reports that reveal the mood across any part of the organisation, over any chosen date range. We understand the importance of giving staff a voice, so our patent pending anonymous 2-way feedback solutions enable a dialogue to take place between employees and management to address concerns, suggestions or feedback, all from within one online environment.


What really makes employees happy? Turns out things like work/life balance, social interactions with co-workers, and a healthier lifestyle continually rank higher than money. TeamVibe takes all the great stuff that already happens around your company and gives it a home. Whether it’s a yoga group, a book club or a green team, “vibes” give employees the tools they need to plan, organize, and interact with their co-workers around common interests and activities.

Devin Hughes

Devin C. Hughes, the Chief Inspiration Officer is a highly sought after award winning speaker, author, happiness muse & diversity sage who speaks to a variety of groups, organizations, and teams.  |  United States | Positive Performance

Blu Ivy Group

The Blu Ivy Group Advantage – a combination of expertise in HR, marketing, communications, recruitment, and corporate leadership. We focus on building authentic and engaged workplaces.  |  Toronto, Canada | Employee Engagement & Branding

The Employee Engagement Group

The Employee Engagement Group will help you shift the dial from potential to performance by engaging the minds and hearts of your employees. We offer workshops, consulting and surveys.  | Massachusetts, United States | Employee Engagement