your staff

Let’s face it—most people don’t work in restaurants for their entire lives. Usually, restaurant employees are high school students working before college or students working to pay their way through school. 

However, some people work at restaurants for a second job, because it’s family-owned, or because it is their career. While some employees will never stick around, some may, which is quite favorable. Employee turnover cost restaurants about $150,000 a year in 2016! So how do you keep these employees that are on the fence?

Fair Pay and Flexible Scheduling

You must start every one of your employees on a fair schedule with good pay. Listen to what days they would prefer to work and pay attention to what’s going on in their lives, so you aren’t surprised if they have to call in. 

Make schedules readily available and timely. You can use technology to produce an employee schedule for your quick service restaurant that anyone can read at any time. Plus, you can use the money you have saved to pay your employees a fair wage. This is always the first step in keeping your employees.

Proper Training on Technology

You need to ensure that you have trained your staff properly on all the technology they are supposed to use during their shifts. Frustrations with technology is surprisingly a big reason as to why employees leave. 

These tips will ensure you have trained your staff properly:

  • Hold a staff training session so that everyone learns at the same time
  • Give everyone a manual that is easy to use when you are using new technology
  • Be patient when helping your staff use new technology 

You might have started using new POS software for QSR, and you never want to put someone on the floor of the restaurant with no training. Plus, you should leave a manual near the terminal. Point of sale software has a lot of different options and loopholes. Storing the manual near the register helps everyone.

If you want to step up your training even more, you can offer a special training session for your managers. The managers will always know what to do, and they can provide guidance to your staff. Again, the friendly atmosphere that you have created is better for everyone.

Be Transparent About Promotion Opportunities

It would be best if you were transparent about promotions and opportunities to save money. Plus, it’s a good idea to be even more open with your staff when you offer a bonus or reward program. You can use the POS software to track sales for everyone on the team, and you can follow their hours. 

Plus, you can track rewards for your customers through the same program. Your staff can check their schedules, check the standings, and understand how the program works. Rewards and contests should seem mysterious to anyone.

A Final Note on Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is no fun in any business, including restaurants. While it might be exciting to have a new person on the team, a new employee means more training, additional salary and benefits, and more. Try implementing these tips to keep your staff happy to be on your team.