Organizational stress is a contributing factor that can affect many aspects of management and have a detrimental effect on profits, costs and employee morale amongst other things.

This infographic takes a look at the topic of surviving organizational stress by evaluating what happens when the workplace is negatively affected by this phenomenon and how to employ some positive managerial tactics to reduce or eliminate its impact on your organization.

Some interesting points are raised such as making a comparison between different managerial styles and considering the effect that these different approaches have on reducing organizational stress.

For example, a transformational management style seems to win the argument over a transactional approach, mainly because the argument is that transformational leadership encourages change and is mainly focused on the good health of the organization as a priority over any self-interest.

This is believed to be a better approach than a transactional approach which is more centered on the benefits of self-interest. This is just one example at how you can introduce specific management styles and practices that can be very powerful tools in being able to motivate employees and encourage a productive workplace.

Management styles are obviously more complex than we perhaps consider and understanding aspects such as what influences and affects employee motivation can allow you to utilize the information gleaned to lower stress levels and encourage employees to be more productive.

There are several contributing factors that encourage lower stress levels and boost productivity, so it is well worth taking a look at how it is suggested you can survive organizational stress.

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