Employee engagement and retention can be crucial for a company’s development and employees’ productivity. With an efficient interaction of a business owner and its workers, there is a great chance to gain more success and revenue without much effort or spending. Thus, according to Statista, 51% of employees are satisfied with their job due to getting career advancement opportunities and also employer ethics.

In this article, you’ll learn five efficient ways to increase employee engagement. Tips from the software development company DOIT Software – inside. Keep reading to figure out how they work and what benefits they provide. 

Employee Engagement and Retention

Employee engagement and retention play a critical role in a company’s success, as it improves workers’ motivation and productivity. If employees are committed to your business, they will care about it and do their best to achieve your overall goals. Besides, engaged employees will be driven not only by pay progression or promotion to a higher position, but also by positive emotions and enthusiasm for their work.  

5 Tips on How to Achieve High Employee Engagement Within Your Tech Company

Here’s how you can drive your employee engagement culture to start gaining benefits right away:

1. Talk to Your Employees

There’s no universal approach to engaging your employees 100%. Still, communication is always a key to efficient interaction. Show your IT employee that you care about them by asking about their job and career expectations. Set up regular meetings to tell them about the company’s goals, plans, current situation, and discuss these details with your workers. Strive to maintain healthy personal relationships with your team members to bring your company to success.

2. Personal Growth and Recognition

Focus on building your employees’ strengths to make them more engaged in the workflow. Provide their individual development plans with training opportunities for their personal growth and recognition. 

Investing in your team can help you build their loyalty and engagement. Moreover, it will allow you to enhance the skills of your IT employees and help them realize their true talent. As a result, you will create a highly-professional team, ready to assist you with any task relating to your business.

3. Feedback and Transparency

The importance of employee engagement also lies in the transparency of your communication with the team. Once employees understand what’s happening within their company, they will be able to clearly define their work tasks and goals. 

Help your workers understand the importance of their roles within a team by making transparency a priority at work. Show them how crucial their opinions are for you by providing feedback on their work and asking about their ideas and needs.

4. Common Activities Beyond Work

All the above benefits of employee engagement are mostly related to work or personal growth. However, there is one more crucial advantage engaged employees can achieve — avoiding burnout

Sometimes your team members can feel down due to reasons like: 

  • uncertainty about general outcomes
  • problems with equipping and setting-up a home office 
  • family issues, etc.

However, if you can start gathering them outside of work for common activities such as sports, games, and more, you will keep your employees motivated.

5. Communication and Collaboration Tools

Having communication and collaboration tools is the final factor of the top drivers of employee engagement and retention.  These items are specifically essential for the companies who manage their workflow remotely, as it allows you to boost your employee engagement no matter where they are.

Here’s the list of the tools that may enhance cooperation within your team:

  • file-sharing tools (Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • project management tools (Asana, Jira, and Basecamp) 
  • communication channels (Slack)

Why are these so important? These tools allow employees to access company data to perform a variety of tasks more effectively. Moreover, they enable improved communication within the workplace, helping to achieve better results in the short-term.

What to Start With?

As an HR manager, you have to be aware of employee engagement and retention strategies to provide a friendly and trusting atmosphere in the company. Here are the most efficient ways of creating a positive corporate culture that will help you engage and motivate your employees:

  1. Clearly define the DNA of your company. Identifying the mission, values, and vision of your business will help you enhance the further decision making actions of your team.
  2. Survey your employees to define your company culture’s strong and weak points. Define your employees’ motivation for syncing their desires with your overall company’s goals.
  3. Involve your employees in shaping the company culture. Communicate with your team members regularly to understand what’s working in your company culture and what needs improvement. Pay attention to employees’ ideas so that they feel heard and included.


In conclusion, the above employee engagement and retention ideas can solve your issues with the turnover rate once and forever. Once you improve the communication with your employees and start paying more attention to their comfort and emotions, your company’s profitability will instantly grow. Work on your overall activities and goals, and achieve the results you always wanted to realize!

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