The employees in your startup or established business are one of your biggest assets. Their morale, health, and overall wellness have an impact on your bottom-line, success, and growth. All of these factors rely heavily on their workplace environment. Just so you are aware, here are a few ways your office space affects your employees.


While your employees might be here to work, they need to be comfortable, but we shouldn’t mistake luxury for comfort. Do not let them sit or stand the whole day, alternate them so that they do not get tired quickly. You can also break up the monotony by providing them with different areas to work from.

Most importantly, ensure you invest in quality ergonomic and comfortable furniture for your office. Uncomfortable office spaces negatively affect workplace happiness and morale. They can lead to reduced productivity and even employee absenteeism from pains and aches caused by extended standing or sitting on low-quality furniture. Install fans and air conditioners to ensure that the air circulating in the office space is clean. Low air quality can have a huge impact on productivity at the workplace. 


You know that pin-drop silence often experienced in a library setting? It goes a long way in promoting your employees’ performance. Distractions at the workplace can have a negative impact on performance and the overall efficiency of your employees. Disturbances can make employee productivity plummet so, if possible, let their offices be separate from any noise or commotion. You can invest in closed offices, but if they must be open, you can have them partitioned into cubicles to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Water and Nourishment 

Thirst can have an effect on one’s concentration. At times, headaches at work may also result from low water intake. If you can’t have a kitchen in your office, you should at least provide your team with safe drinking water and encourage them to hydrate as often as possible.


We can all agree that the lighting in a room has a significant impact on your mood. That is why many people embrace colors in their homes to draw homeliness and satisfaction. You are more likely to feel welcome and invited into a house with white walls and a gypsum ceiling with some elegant lighting.

The same thing applies to the office. When implemented correctly, lighting brings happiness, reduces anxiety, and helps prevent depression. It can also reduce computer vision syndrome. Research shows that employees in insufficiently-lit workspaces have blurred vision, headaches, and eye strains, which reduces productivity.


Every employee should have enough space to freely move around in their workspace. Crowded workspaces are quite frustrating and can lead to stress. This means that when getting office space for your business, you should choose one that accommodates your entire team without leading to congestion. This is why commercial tenants should work with an expert lease advisor when looking for office space. In addition to helping you find the ideal space for your needs, they can help negotiate the lease terms so you get the best deal in town.  

Finally, breaks are important during office hours. It gives your employees a few minutes to catch up on their personal lives as they interact and bond. This helps improve their overall performance. For this reason, it is good to have a spot where your staff members can comfortably make their calls or even snack without the worry of bending any rules. Remember that happy workers tend to produce impressive results and be more productive.

Photo by Smartworks Coworking on Unsplash