Employee engagement is a hot topic these days. As the economy improves and companies are finally starting to hire again, they’re finding that they have more work than they can handle. With this new influx of workers comes new challenges: how do you keep people happy and motivated? It turns out that one answer might be as simple as organizing an event!

Create a Fun Event

Your event should be a mix of food, drink, music and games. The food and drink should be delicious but not too fattening — don’t forget to provide healthy alternatives!

The music played at your employee engagement event will set the tone for the rest of the day. Don’t play anything too loud or too quiet; you want people to feel engaged without being overwhelmed by loud sounds or bored by silence.

Make sure that your activities are fun but don’t take up too much time—you may find yourself losing interest if there’s too much going on.

events to increase employee engagement
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Encourage Your Employees to Interact at the Event

Think about the way your employees interact with each other. How often do they talk to each other? Do they ask questions? Do they make an effort to connect with their coworkers on a personal level?

If you want your company to be a fun place to work, you need everyone to be open and friendly. Encourage this by encouraging them to have conversations with each other at events! Be friendly, inviting, and outgoing yourself. Don’t be afraid of starting up conversations with people at the event—if they seem hesitant or uncomfortable talking with new people, ask questions that will help them relax (e.g., “What did you do this weekend?”).

Make the Event Relevant to Work

As a manager, you want to make sure that your events are relevant to the employees and their work. You should know what your employees’ jobs are and how they contribute to meeting the company’s goals. For example, if an event is going on that’s related to creating a new product or service, then make sure there is some connection between this event and what your employees do every day at work.

Similarly, make sure that events align with the company’s vision and values. That way, when an employee attends an event he can feel like his time there is contributing directly toward something he believes in—whether it’s getting him closer to achieving his personal goals or helping him understand why he works for your organization in the first place.

Make the Event Educational

Events can be a great way to encourage learning and development. They’re a great way to get your employees engaged with their work and they can also help you build relationships, deepen connections, and motivate people in their personal lives.

A few examples of educational events include:

  • Seminars and workshops on topics that are relevant to the company or industry
  • Training on new software systems or equipment
  • Field trips where employees have the opportunity to visit research facilities or other businesses that are partners or competitors

Make It Communal

If you want to increase employee engagement, you need to make it feel like a team event. Your HR team is the face of your organization, and it’s important that they feel like an integral part of the company—not just another cog in the machine. So when planning events for employees, make sure that everyone feels included and connected with one another on some level.

Make it feel like a family event: Employees who are able to relate their work with other parts of their lives find more meaning in their jobs, which leads them to be more engaged employees overall. For example, if you’re planning an employee appreciation party or outing (like a field trip), see if there are any ways that people can bring their families along so they don’t leave feeling isolated from family life during these times off work.

Make it feel like an event that’s not just for the company but also for the community: Providing opportunities for your employees’ loved ones can benefit everyone involved by creating stronger bonds between coworkers outside of office hours—and making things more communal helps keep everyone feeling invested in working together toward common goals!

HR Should Consider Events to Increase Employee Engagement!

Events can be one of the best ways to increase employee engagement. That’s because events can be both educational and fun, whether they’re team building or company sponsored. Events are communal and relevant to work, which makes them an excellent way to build camaraderie between employees.

Employees want to be recognized and feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves, so if you want them engaged in your company’s success, consider organizing a fun event that everyone can enjoy together! Some examples would be:

  • A trivia night at a local bar (or even just at work).
  • A day spent outside going on field trips together as teams or departments (and don’t forget snacks!).
  • At Christmas time you could have an office party with lots of food and drinks for everyone!

If you are not experienced enough in organizing such types of entertainment, consider an event management platformthat will guide you through the whole way of event organization.


We hope that this article has helped you better understand how to use events to increase employee engagement. Events can be a great way for HR and leadership teams to get employees involved in the company culture, celebrate success and build relationships with each other. We encourage you to try some of these suggestions with your own events and see how they work for your organization!