Talent race is a harsh reality for modern organizations as they need to compete to secure the best resources in a tight market. But bringing them on board is only a start. Retention is an even more daunting challenge because employees expect more than a fat paycheck from employers. You can imagine the state of retention challenge from the fact that American businesses witnessed an average of 4 million monthly resignations in 2021. While the pandemic was a prominent factor, poor employee engagement was also a reason for the sad state.

Employee engagement is the key to keeping your team happy, getting the most out of them, and retaining them for the long haul. Statistics show that engaged employees perform better and drive success for organizations. Moreover, employee engagement can boost profitability by up to 21%. But you must think outside the box to maximize it because people want more and better. Here are some actionable ways to step it up in 2023 and beyond.

Employee Engagement In 2023
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Go the extra mile with a creative onboarding process

Employee engagement starts as early as the onboarding process. According to a research study, organizations with excellent onboarding processes boost employee productivity by 70% and new hire retention by 82%. You can make the onboarding experience stand out with the following actionable measures-

  •       Show new hires around and introduce them to everyone
  •       Plan an exciting icebreaker activity 
  •       Implement a buddy system to foster comfort
  •       Give employees welcome gifts and write welcome emails
  •       Ease the transition from onboarding to routine work cadence

Empower your workforce with technology

Outdated technology and inefficient practices are the biggest turnoffs for employees as they slow them down. Begin the New Year by assessing your current systems and improving them to help employees be more productive and efficient. Empowering your team with innovative tools and technologies is the best way to engage them. They feel good about achieving more with less, eliminating errors, and facing fewer bottlenecks in their daily tasks. The good thing is that the investment also ramps up your business with greater efficiency and better processes in the long run.

Enhance communication

A seamless flow of information in an organization is another factor to keep the team members connected and engaged. It keeps everyone on the same page, prevents delays, disputes, and misunderstandings, and fosters a positive work environment. People feel more comfortable and bond well with peers and managers. They also go the extra mile with individual and team performance. In fact, effective communication is the cornerstone of employee engagement in the remote work era. You must create a smooth flow of information with relevant communication tools and clear processes.

Provide honest feedback

Much has changed in the context of feedback in recent years. Employees no longer see it as a daunting practice, but consider it constructive and helpful. Implementing regular feedback is a surefire way to take workplace engagement to the next level. You can embrace 360 reviews instead of conventional ones in 2023. The good thing about these reviews is that they are more comprehensive and genuine since they come from various sources, including managers, peers, customers, and anyone a person works with. Besides providing feedback on employee performance, seek their input on their experience with the company. You can use these insights to enhance processes.

Give recognition

Everyone craves recognition for good work because it makes them feel appreciated and valued. Consider going the extra mile with employee recognition this year as it can step up their engagement levels. Of course, monetary incentives are vital, but you can get creative with other forms of recognition, such as verbal appreciation, congratulatory emails, and rewards like paid leaves. Such paybacks motivate the performers and inspire others to give their best to reach the same level.

Prioritize well-being

Employee engagement, productivity, and well-being are closely related. Disengaged team members are 2.6x more likely to experience workplace anxiety compared to engaged ones. Anxiety lowers productivity and leads to errors. Making a conscious effort to enhance employee well-being is another way to engage them. The new normal has made people even more conscious about safety and well-being, and they want employers to replicate the mindset. Adopting a company-wide wellness initiative is a good way to start the New Year. You can implement thoughtful measures such as-

  •       Setting up an on-premises gym
  •       Hosting regular medical checks
  •       Hiring an in-house counselor
  •       Creating awareness regarding self-care

Employee engagement in 2023 is different because people expect employers to do more for them. Besides following the basics of building a happy team for your company, you can take up these simple yet creative initiatives to engage better. It should be your priority in the New Year because engaged employees can propel a business on the road to success.