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With the growing need for excellence in the workplace, the value of employee training is also rising. However, many times companies face doubts regarding the topics that they have to cover in their employee training programs. In this post, we are trying to clear such doubts. Here you will find a list of six super crucial employee training topics that companies in 2020 should consider. So, buckle up and read on.

1. Communication

How your employees communicate with their colleagues and clients largely determines your organization’s overall performance. Good communication skills come in handy in a variety of situations. From writing professional emails to hosting important meetings, with the right communication skills, your employees will feel more confident and comfortable to take up such responsibilities.

Plus, helping them hone their communication skills will enable you to provide flawless customer service to your clients. The quality of customer service is a factor that many of your prospects may consider before signing a deal with you.

2. Technical Training Around Important Tools

Many companies use various sets of tools and techniques to perform the same function. While the root ideas may be the same, the processes may vary. Employees joining your company after another firm may not know how the same technical process is carried out here. To get them started, it would be best to introduce them through a technical training program. This program can talk about the important tools that your company uses to perform its functions, and how those tools help you achieve your targets.

For example, the root technology for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) remains the same across different industries. However, based on the industry and requirements, some companies use UiPath, and some prefer Blue Prism.

3. Prevention against Harassment

Every company has certain norms regarding harassment at the workplace and how it reacts to and handles such cases. In the same way, your organization must have such rules, and it must focus on training its new and old employees around them.

Covering this topic will mean that you inform your employees about your company’s harassment policies and the legal consequences that anyone going against those norms will have to face. So, as you are shortlisting topics for adding to your training program(s), make sure you include sexual harassment training prevention as a top priority.

It’s also important for establishing and maintaining a brand reputation.

4. Leadership Training

Helping your employees become leaders is another important area that your training programs must focus on. Studies report that employees who receive proper leadership training from an employer easily turn loyal to the respective organization. This clearly states the need for investing in leadership training, at least for your top-performing employees. The sessions can be based on social learning, where juniors can learn from the knowledge and experience of their seniors.

Such interactive sessions can significantly help your employees bring out the best in them. Training your employees as leaders will provide you with more qualified and skilled resources.

5. Cognitive Training

One of the most common problems that many employees face today is the need for multitasking. Sure, it’s not the best to do three things at the exact same time. However, being able to manage those three tasks in a way that none of them is delayed can often be required. Cognitive training can help employees remain more relaxed and composed when multitasking requirements arise. As a result, they will have better mental clarity and efficiency in performing all the tasks.

There’s a number of cognitive training exercises that you can use to strengthen your employees’ mental capabilities. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Including creativity-based tasks in the program
  • Training them about mindfulness and how it can impact their lives
  • Encouraging them to take up more responsibilities. The more we do, the stronger our mind becomes and feels.

6. Compliance Training

Apart from the sexual harassment laws, you must also train your employees around other rules and regulations that your company follows. Whether it’s an important company policy or the repercussions that may crop up after disobedience of a rule, all your employees must know about it.  The best time to provide compliance training to your employees is when they have joined your organization. You may as well consider adding it to your onboarding program.

NOTE: As you plan on creating and launching a successful training program for your employees, make sure you are using one of the best online learning platforms.

It’s vital for adding certain features and effectively managing your course’s progress.

Wrapping Up

Employee training is an essential part of the modern business environment. Companies need their employees to give their best, and employees prioritize companies offering adequate training. With all of this going on, a need for covering the right training topics arises. And in this article, we discussed six such topics.

Hopefully, you found this helpful.

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