2020 has undoubtedly been a very complicated year, and with the likeliness of a second COVID-19 wave, businesses and workforces are understandably concerned. However, it’s crucial that we all band together and keep doing our part to protect ourselves and others. Together we can stop the spread.
In this article, we are going to discuss protecting staff and customers during a pandemic. Let’s get started.

Provide training

The best way to ensure everyone is following safety procedures during a pandemic is to provide training. This way, everyone is aware of the different steps to take, and most importantly, what to do in the sudden case of an outbreak. Due to restrictions, many e-learning platforms can help. However, it can also be beneficial to update employees of any policy and procedure changes via email. 

Modify the work area 

If you will still be serving customers and clients during this time, it’s vital to modify the work area so that everyone remains as safe as possible. This could including putting up sneeze guards and sanitize stations as well as providing staff with protective gear. However, what you need will depend on what business you are currently operating. For example, this hotel supplier offers a variety of products to assist with covid safety and social distancing, from signage to cleaning products.

Allow access to resources

Many individuals are feeling scared and overwhelmed at this time because there are so many government changes. To help keep your staff and customers informed, try your best to provide access to reputable resources. This could include coronavirus tips, any nearby hotspots as well as changes to laws and restrictions. It’s one of the best ways to ensure everyone is following the correct information.

Offer flexible leave policies

The current pandemic has affected us in all different ways, and some of your employees may be suffering more hardship than others. During this time, it can be extremely wise to offer flexible leave policies for your team members. This could include offering extra sick days or time off. It might mean quite a few changes around the office, but it’s going to help ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy. The last thing you want is an outbreak to occur that will force closure.

Embrace remote working

If it’s practical for your business, remote working is one of the best ways to encourage social distancing during this time. While it can be a significant change, even allowing just some staff to work from home can bring down your office’s capacity.  
Alongside this, there are many advantages that you should take into consideration. According to many studies, remote workers can be more productive and happier with their roles. Follow these tips to help employees working from home if you are in need of some assistance. You’d be surprised at how easy it can be.

Know your risk exposure 

The term risk exposure is used to describe your susceptible your business is to an outbreak. The type of business that you are operating will help you determine your risk exposure. For example, those working closely with large groups of individuals. (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) are going to be at a higher risk than offices who don’t have direct contact with clients. By knowing your risk exposure, you can put together the necessary safety plans and take the required precautions.

Remember to keep communicating

Our physical health is not only at risk during the current pandemic, but also our mental health as well. Social distancing and self-isolating can have severe effects on one’s wellbeing, especially those that are working remotely. It’s vital that we work together to keep communicating and checking in on those around us, no matter the circumstances. Even just sending a simple email can make a big difference.

Be supportive

Finally, one of the most important things to do to help protect your staff and employees is to be supportive. As mentioned above, this pandemic has affected us in different ways, and it’s vital that we show empathy and respect to one another. By understanding that some individuals are going to need more flexibility, you’re helping more than you know.
By following the above, you can continue operating your business in the safest way possible. It might mean making a lot of changes, but by standing together, it will be over before you know it. 
Remember to practice social distancing, stay safe, and most importantly, care for those around you.

Good luck.

Image source: unsplash.com