How to Nurture a Feeling of Loyalty from Your Gen Z Employees in 2021

Human resources department staffers who've seen many social changes may think that they're jaded and unable to connect with members of a different generation. Considering just how flexible many Gen Z employees have proven themselves

Post-pandemic Company Culture: 5 Things To Start Implementing This Year

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a series of abrupt changes into our lives. From the way we shop for groceries to the way we work, everything changes almost overnight, which is why many individuals and companies

How can inadequate Personal protective equipment (PPE) impact your employees and your business?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) might feel like quite a new term for most people, but PPE is simply any equipment that a keeps people safe from harm. Most commonly, it refers to specific items that

How to Nurture Your Company’s Culture in a Remote Work Environment

According to a Glassdoor report, 55 percent of employees prioritize company culture over salary. Company culture is important because it affects how your customers and employees perceive your organization, which directly determines the success of

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A Note to HR Managers to Shape their Employees’ Well Being

The support of the management is essential for the prosperity of an organization. Managers, being leaders have the chance to build supportive workplaces to promote better employee well-being. Today, investing in employee wellness is a

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