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It is often noted that talent is more important than technology or that soft skills come before hard skills. This is especially in reference to digital transformation or the role of IT in an organization. Whatever the size of your business, the employees are what will drive it to success, so recruitment should always be a first priority. 

For candidates applying for a position at an IT company, a resume website could be the extra feature that will make all the difference. 

Who is the perfect startup candidate?

In LinkedIn Learning’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report, creativity was prized as the most important soft skill, while top hard skills include AI (artificial intelligence), cloud computing, people management, and UX (user experience.) When it comes to working for a startup, creativity is even more crucial, as is the kind of adaptability and flexibility that enables employees to move with the frequent changes. 

A startup hiring team looks for people who are pragmatic, can make decisions, and act quickly because results are more critical than assignments. Ideal candidates need to take responsibility for their actions rather than shifting the blame, and they need to be excellent communicators who can empathize with other team members.

Candidates also need to be driven, persistent, and able to work independently without the need for approval or reassurance. Hiring for a startup is quite different to the needs of established corporations, which don’t demand the same level of initiative and personal buy-in.      

7 tips to finding the best talents for a startup

If you are wondering about the best ways to hire employees for a startup, there are a few points to remember. These can make hiring tech talents a more manageable task. 

Make your company an appealing prospect 

Startups that are recruiting IT professionals are in competition with the big players like Microsoft and Google that offer a recognizable name and attractive benefits. This means you need to create a set of your company’s values that are clearly defined, transparent, and open. Your business can be about something that is more than just a faceless corporate giant, offering a more specific and meaningful focus. 

Be clear about what you are looking for

Job postings that do not clearly define the position can be easily ignored, so it is important to include all relevant information. This must include all of the requirements in terms of experience, qualifications and personal qualities, the key duties and tasks, and the main benefits offered. 

In addition to this, remember to mention the range of technologies that the company uses, and the job requires. Your posting should also include the significance of the job in the context of the overall company vision and how this role can make a difference.  

Offer incentives

It is difficult for startups to compete with the generous benefits that the large tech firms offer their employees. But while startups may not be able to offer the same salaries, they can provide an alternative appeal in different ways. This could be with a stylish and comfortable venue with a cafeteria, bar, exercise room, and a place to leave bicycles. 

Startups can make efforts to keep up with the lifestyle requirements of their target employees and try to reflect this in their working environment. This could also be with a social life and company culture aimed at motivating employees beyond financial remuneration.  

Find the best ways of advertising

It is possible to connect with a higher volume of candidates by using well-known job boards like Monster or Glassdoor. This is a more expensive way of sourcing talent, but it is a fast way of getting a long list of potential employees. 

Another popular option is through networking, which could be achieved by attending events or tech meetups where you could make useful connections. Social media platforms like LinkedIn can be useful for networking and also for advertising a position. Consider the ideal candidate you are looking for, their interests, and where you are most likely to find them.   

Make connections with universities

One option is to go straight to the source of your tech talent – educational institutions. While tech stars can be self-taught, it’s more common for people to begin with a degree, like a computer science. You can directly contact universities and ask to attend career fairs or go to career centers to find out more. It’s good to have some contacts at universities so you can gain access to trained individuals as they begin to look for work. Just remember to get in there early, so you don’t lose the best talent to Apple. 

Open up to remote employees

The minute you open your employee search to the entire internet and not just your local area, the number of suitable candidates increases by a huge amount. COVID-19 has already enforced remote work on populations around the world, so many people are already accustomed to working remotely and all it entails. 

Tech giants like Twitter have already permitted all their employees to work from home if they wish, so startups can do the same. Possible limitations could be the time zone and tax regulations, but you can limit your search to particular regions.    

Make your tech recruitment ongoing

In general, jobs at startups do not last as long, often because these jobs are different from the norm, and employees did not know what to expect. Startups are in a constant state of flux, which means they need to be ready to scale up at all times and quickly find new talents. 

So as well as the new employees who were not ready for an often intense and changeable mode of working, staffing demands may suddenly increase as the business grows. This is why many startups prefer to view their recruitment as a continual process of engaging the best minds for the job.   


Finding the best talents for IT positions is often a challenge, but settling for less can cause greater difficulties along the line. Keeping a high standard in the recruitment process is essential, and there are options for improving and widening your search. If you leave your options open, you can reach those stars needed for your startup. 

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