Two Days, One Night – Marion Cotillard changes our perspective on work relationships in the latest Dardenne brothers’ movie

Like most techies, at Hppy we love our TV series and funny/sarcastic comedies. But when a moving drama comes to the screens, in this case to the Cannes Festival, we pause and get a valuable

Here’s why you should encourage gender equality in your company

Excellence doesn't distinguish between genders. Instead, it recognizes talent and good management. That’s why the best companies are open to a diverse and balanced work environment, supporting and actively promoting gender equality. Joel Peterson, Chairman

17 Employee Engagement Lessons from Game of Thrones

Is your office turning into King’s Landing every Monday morning? By now it doesn’t even matter if you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, your employees most probably are.If you want to avoid disciplinary

The difference between employee happiness and employee engagement

A hot topic for HR and Business chats lately, the difference between engagement and happiness has stirred up many opinions. Through our extensive research and data analysis on the matter, we’ve come to the conclusion

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