Boosting Employee Morale with Meals

Food is often used to create social bonds, share bounty, and generate goodwill. Relationships between you, your team members, and customers are no exception. As people are physically distancing themselves, there’s an opportunity to show your employees and customers that you still care about them.

Taking care of employees

When a business offers a meal for its employees, that act fosters connection and boosts morale. Whether employees are working from home or still need to show up to get the job done, providing a healthy meal can help keep everyone safe. This gives them a sense of goodwill that they can pay forward to the rest of their teammates, their families, and their communities.

Connecting with customers

Even if it’s no longer business as usual, you can still show your appreciation to those who support your business. Offering a meal is also a great reason to connect with prospects, entice new customers, or reward long-established buyers. You can help keep conversations going over the phone or video chat while all parties enjoy delivery from their favorite local restaurant. Moreover, it shows that you care about the people you do business with beyond just the day-to-day exchanges. You can entice new customers or reward long-established buyers.

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