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If you’re an HR professional or a passionate HR writer, you can apply to become a contributor and share your expertise with our online community of HR managers and employee engagement officers.

Regardless of your previous writing experience, we encourage the voice of the industry to share their ideas, good case practices and opinions on HR-related topics discussed on Hppy. For more details, download our contributor guidelines available here.

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How to submit an article to Hppy

Who can write for Hppy?

If you want to share your knowledge with HR professionals, you can submit your ideas and our editorial and syndication team will review it for publishing.

We look for contributors that have HR expertise, are industry experts or experienced professionals, as well as individuals passionate about HR. It’s recommended that you spend time reading through the website to get an idea of the type of stories we publish.

If you are an HR Executive, active in the field, and do not have previous writing experience, we will guide you on the writing process and will provide editorial support.

What topics can you write about?

Our community of HR professionals are interested in employee engagement, talent management, workplace happiness and the latest HR trends. We welcome case studies and articles based on personal experience in the industry, but also opinion pieces on a variety of workplace issues.

For more information, download our contributor guidelines here.

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