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Happy Brain Science

Happier employees and leaders are more effective, engaged, resilient, creative, social, and productive – all crucial factors in organizational success. We are passionate about collaborating with innovative companies who want to be on the forefront of leveraging science to do better work, whether they are brand new start-ups or established leaders in their industry.

“Scott is a fantastic presenter. He has knoweldge and rapport with audience, but most important to me, a degree of humility and self-deprecation in his presentation. Brilliant job”
Dean Miller, Hewlett-Packard Company  |  United States | Employee Happiness


AcknowledgmentWorks provides businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations with the skills and tools necessary to increase employee engagement and enhance organizational culture. Through a custom mix of consulting, training, and coaching services, we work directly with individuals and groups to promote effectiveness and generate tangible solutions.

“Personally, you have pressed me to think more about how I approach things in my life. I have improved my relationships with my team and consequently, my team has had better results.”
Manager, Fidelity Investments  |  United States | Employee Recognition

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People Lab

We provide a range of consultancy services, products and training to improve employee engagement in any workplace, which positively impacts business performance.

Our work stems from the key principles of positive psychology. We believe that engaged, positive, happy people make work places better for everyone. We’ve proven time and time again that creating great places to work has a direct impact on business performance – and business profitability. Take a look at the products and services we provide below, for more information on how we can work with you to create a great place to work.

Azure Consulting

Azure provides leadership development through coaching, training and facilitated events to leaders and potential leaders in the public and private sector. We are specialists in the use of a variety of psychometric tools and the use of 360 degree feedback. We work with organisations to improve the quality of leadership, people development and talent management.

Dervish Consulting

Dervish Consulting believes the path to successful companies starts with empowered people. At Dervish, we have developed a set of services to assist organizations and individuals through all stages of growth, whether it’s coaching for the CEO or interviewing skills to assess potential hires, managing the merger of an established company or navigating the rocky waves of a startup, our services are designed to activate and engage your workforce. Our team of consultants helps you reach your objectives through thorough analyses, strategy and rapid execution through understanding and developing human skills and understanding of self. Dervish Consulting was founded in 2014 by international training veteran, Yeşim Dervişoğlu. With more than 20 years of experience with 40,000 people, for global brands in Turkey, Europe and Asia, she sought to bring a more thoughtful approach to training, coaching and consulting services.  The Dervish team of consultant and coaches are rapidly growing.  The essence of the Dervish Team is that they care about your dreams at least as much as you do and will believe and deliver with you, whatever your vision may be.


Jive is the leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business. Our products apply powerful technology that helps employees, partners and customers work better together. Inside companies, Jive-powered enterprise networks dramatically improve employee productivity, alignment and innovation. Externally, Jive supports vibrant customer and partner communities that drive higher sales, better service and greater satisfaction. Millions of users and many of the world’s most successful companies rely on Jive day in and day out to get work done, delight their customers and stay ahead of their competitors.

Pacific Leadership Consultants

Pacific Leadership Consultants™ … Soaring To New Levels We Help You Build High-Energy, High-Engagement Organizational Cultures Through: • Leadership Development • People-Skills Training for Managers • Team Building & Repair™ • Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives Our success with organization across sectors and industries gives you the organizational culture you need to meet the demands of today’s changing economy & tomorrow’s challenges.


Founded in 1995, DecisionWise, LLC. is a management consulting firm specializing in assessment feedback and development. DecisionWise’s industry-leading online survey software platform provides data about organizational and individual performance, potential, and culture. Using that assessment information, our team of consultants work with organizations to increase individual and organizational effectiveness. DecisionWise core services include Employee Engagement Surveys and action planning, online surveys, 360-degree feedback, leadership coaching, and Talent Assessment and Development within organizations.


Your key business objectives cannot be achieved without the focused and synchronized work of your team members. RoundPegg unleashes your organization’s true business potential using culture science to galvanize your workforce. Culture science is quantifying how things really get done within each organization’s unique culture. By aggregating the personal values of everyone in a company, RoundPegg is able to provide data-driven culture insights that inform strategy, while delivering customized tactics to hire, develop and engage employees in ways that are consistent with each organization’s culture. By understanding what motivates your workforce, the RoundPegg software platform is able to help you accomplish your goals – whether they be driving innovation, boosting revenue, increasing engagement, changing culture or retaining your top performers.

Foundation Stones

Foundation Stones is a risk assessment product that focuses on the culture and the practices that cause employee behaviour. Foundation Stones will identify the material people issues with any particular strategy …our process is rapid and non disruptive but also robust. We are the right consultants to talk to your people about the right things and we have the technology to make it all work. … and it works in any country, any culture and any industry. People who do business with us – Care about getting ‘the people thing’ right.

Dustin Walling Associates

Dustin Walling Associates is a get-it-done performance consultant who inspires businesses to regain control of their path to success.

We augment in-house resources with best-of-breed expertise to deliver immediate issue discovery and abatement, strategic plans and processes to move forward, and accountability to ensure long term success.

Our proven tools and practices help executives overcome the obstacles associated with disengagement, broken processes, and lack of accountability in order to achieve high performance.

AIM Consulting

AIM Consulting is a rapidly growing, nationally recognized leader in technology solutions and services. We have the people, processes, and tools to provide companies with strategic guidance on business-critical initiatives and deliver end-to-end solutions. We meet the highest standard of excellence in technology, for better value than other consulting companies, because we are 100% focused on forging long-term relationships with deeply experienced consultants and building high-performance, service-oriented teams that produce results.


Helping companies achieve success by engaging and developing their employees, managers, and leaders. CustomInsight specializes in 360 degree feedback, employee surveys, and other tools that help individuals and organizations to grow and develop. We believe there is a tension between development and performance appraisal. Combining both under one roof creates a conflict that tends to erode the quality and candor of developmental feedback and can lead to resistance among stakeholders. We also just like the idea of providing tools that have a positive impact on people.

Integer Leadership Consulting

We work closely with organizations to train leaders, managers, and teams to achieve higher levels of trust, communication, and performance.


WeSpire is the employee engagement platform that empowers forward-thinking global organizations and their employees to reach their greatest potential. With the only configurable library consisting of hundreds of action-based programs backed by applied behavioral science, WeSpire enables individuals and entire organizations to drive measurable, positive impact.

ITA Group

ITA Group knows leaders today are facing significant business challenges that impact the overall success of their organizations—from employee recruitment and retention, to sales and market share, to customer loyalty and satisfaction, and everything in between. That’s why, as a global engagement solutions expert, we create and manage events, incentives and recognition programs to align and motivate every organization’s valuable asset—its people. Our innovative engagement solutions are uniquely designed to maximize business impact and value, and are powered by MotivologySM, our own brand of Motivation.


Employee Engagement
If your employees don’t care,why should you?
Employee engagement is one of the major factors that impacts your company’s results. Transform your business now through Employee Engagement online training and implementation.


CultureIQ is a platform that enables organizations to make positive, measurable changes to their culture, and a community that connects peers and experts around the topic of culture. The CultureIQ platform helps companies actively engage their culture through an ongoing process of collecting, understanding, and responding to internal feedback to drive employee engagement, retention, and success. Based in New York City, CultureIQ was founded in 2013 by Greg Besner, an adjunct professor at New York University Stern School of Business and one of the original owners of CultureIQ is backed by a group of notable investors, including Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Founders Circle, and VegasTechFund.

Press Ganey

Press Ganey is recognized as a pioneer and thought leader in patient experience measurement and performance improvement solutions. Our mission is to help health care organizations reduce patient suffering and improve clinical quality, safety and the patient experience. As of Jan. 1, 2016, we served more than 26,000 health care facilities.


InMoment is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) optimization platform that gives you the ability to listen to and engage with your customers to improve business results through better experiences. Our products and services include Voice of Customer (VoC), Social Reviews & Advocacy, Employee Engagement, Support, and Consulting. We are the leading VoC vendor for the food services, retail, and contact center industries, with deep domain expertise in B2B, healthcare, hospitality and numerous others. InMoment packages our products and services to address your industry’s specific needs.


Transforming an organisation’s culture needs more than just better ways of transmitting information. To create a thriving culture that can bridge the gap between strategy and action, there needs to be space for everyone to make sense of and be involved in change at a personal level. We believe working at the level of conversation is the most powerful approach for transformation. We help you to have better quality conversations about change that will move your organisation towards achieving its outcomes.

Russell Consulting, Inc.

Russell Consulting, Inc. was founded in 1987 with the vision of building effective, productive, healthy, and enduring organizations. Since our creation, we have worked hard to create significant value for our clients by helping them identify and understand where they are today . . . and where they must go tomorrow to achieve their goals.

We hold a mirror up to the lives of our client organizations-which enables them to see what they need to see so that they can do what they need to do. We don’€™t provide answers to our clients, we guide them in discovering their own path.

Continuum Consulting

At Continuum, we believe that the best work gets done when people are actively engaged, working hard, diving towards results AND having fun at the same time! We are known for our engaging and productive facilitation styles making mundane business tasks enjoyable and motivating. Our commitment is to deliver results that match your objectives and that are sustainable over time. What differentiates us from other consultants, coaches and facilitators is that we are possibility and strength-based focused, often using experiential, hands on learning, techniques to enhance our consulting services.

ORC International

At ORC International, we are leaders in the art of business intelligence. We help you explore, navigate and integrate insights to uncover what truly engages people around the world. With a focus on improving business performance and growth, we combine quality data, smart synthesis and a best in class digital platform to deliver transformative business insights across your customers, employees, markets, and products.


A truck driver’s best friend. We help trucking companies tackle retention issues by giving drivers a voice and companies insights to act on vital feedback.


Engagedly with its fresh take on the employee appraisal process saves time for administrators, managers and employees. Our employee performance review software is essential to the alignment and improvement of overall performance.

JRS Consulting, Inc.

JRS Consulting empowers organizations to stop pursuing – and start practicing – customers and employees. We develop prime business opportunities for clients and collaborate on creating communications that are compelling, credible, and differentiating – including advertising, public relations and direct marketing. We help you tell your story in the most meaningful way.

The Engagement Agency
The Engagement Agency is a service designed to bring the best engagement solutions to organizations of all sizes through professional marketing and management consulting companies that provide full service solutions, to coaching, assessment, learning, communications, innovation, rewards and recognition, analytics and other companies that offer tactical solutions.

Engagement Agency partners and consultants are trained in the framework and implementation process of engagement and supported when needed by a national team of experts selected specifically based on client needs and resources. All of the Engagement Agency’s solutions are designed solely to address the needs of clients; we offer no “pre-packaged” solution other than an engagement framework already available at no cost from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at

Uppercase HR

Uppercase is an innovative, performance management platform for modern companies offering a framework for real-time goal setting, and frequent feedback cycles. Our features are designed for a performance-driven culture.

Employee Engagement Institute

EEI is a training and consulting firm.  In 1993 we started helping clients maximize profits by tuning their companies to perform at full potential.

Our approach is to develop a culture of partnership where all employees are rewarded for their engagement in the business.

Our continuing success proves that if you provide employees with the right tools and a rewarding environment they will assume responsibility for results, implement the business plan, improve ease-of-operation and increase profits.

Clarity Wave

Clarity Wave was founded by brothers, Robert & Alex Moutal after looking for a specific kind of software that would help Alex lower the turnover rate at his business, Häagen Dazs.

Having found none that would fit his company’s needs, they decided to create their own. But that wasn’t until, after more than 100 interviews with Human Resource managers, industrial coaches and psychologists and owners of several companies, they realized that there was a need for this type of service which extended far beyond the 25 ice cream stores spread all over Mexico.

They soon realized that, in order to turn this idea into a business, they needed their software to meet very specific requirements and we focused our attention on building exactly what we needed.


Metrics@Work is a leading provider of organizational measurement and consulting.
With core expertise in employee engagement, action planning and organizational change, and leadership development,
we help our clients build and maintain productive, engaged workforces.


Founded in 1995, DecisionWise, LLC. is a management consulting firm specializing in assessment feedback and development. DecisionWise’s industry-leading online survey software platform provides data about organizational and individual performance, potential, and culture. Using that assessment information, our team of consultants work with organizations to increase individual and organizational effectiveness. DecisionWise core services include Employee Engagement Surveys and action planning, online surveys, 360-degree feedback, leadership coaching, and Talent Assessment and Development within organizations.


Remote empowers companies of all sizes to pay and manage full-time and contract workers around the world. We take care of international payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance in dozens of countries. Our people are on the ground on every continent, building culturally aware employment packages that help you build trust with your global team.

Green Impact

Being strategic, communicating authentically, connecting to deeper values and inspiring green actions. These are a few of the things that Green Impact stands for. We have a real passion for launching new initiatives, telling success stories, making green initiatives more visible and alive, and restoring critical ecosystems. We develop a customized communications and marketing strategy, craft ongoing communications  and design engagement programs that inspire a greener, healthier, more joyful world.

Malandro Consulting Group

Malandro Consulting Group is a global consulting firm specializing in:

  • Assessments
  • Coaching
  • Employee Engagement
  • Executive Development
  • High Performance Organization
The Employee Engagement Group

As a personal trainer for your corporate culture, the Employee Engagement Group will help you shift the dial from potential to performance by engaging both the minds and hearts of your employees. Take a group of employees. Help them develop a shared vision where they each have a stake in the outcome. Then get ready for an exciting ride because new frontiers are waiting to be explored. At the Employee Engagement Group, we believe that by taking risks, we ignite ingenuity. That by sharing excitement, we open doors to untapped creativity and real innovation, to mutual accountability and measurable results. Because when people bring their minds and hearts to any endeavor, it feels less like work and more like an adventure where the sky is the limit. So long mediocrity, you don’t stand a chance.


Meet REFFIND – the future of employee experience. We’re changing the way companies employ, engage, educate, reward and recognise staff, through technology designed for employees first. Our platform enables you to connect with your employees on their terms – over breakfast, during a coffee break, on the train. All of this is made possible through an innovative, easy to use app that enables your employees to engage, right from their smartphone handset.

Evolve Performance Group

Evolve Performance Group is a data-driven, performance-oriented, consulting company. We help our clients drive real profit increases by aligning Employee interactions to engage Customers. How? We offer tools to measure, understand, and enhance the discretionary effort your Employees exhibit and the commitment they feel to helping your company win in the marketplace. The value and scientific validity of our approach has been proven over the past twenty years, and was founded on research conducted with millions of Customers and Employees in over thirty industries. We work with top executives to identify areas of need or opportunity, customize our approach to address their specific situations/goals, and deliver the profitable and sustainable success they desire. Utilizing our proprietary diagnostic tools, we assess, monitor, and improve the value of Employee/Customer interactions. Working closely with leaders and managers, we customize and implement proven strategies for improved performance and profitability.

Jim Woods Group

We are a boutique management consulting firm with a strong penchant for competitive strategy and employee and customer engagement. We began in 1998 as a group of friends hiking in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. Around a campfire we mapped out a plan. The plan was simple. Base our rewards on our clients results. We believe consulting is more than a business. It is a relationship. We pledge to reinvest a portion of our profits back into our clients firm as testament of the quality of our work. Jim Woods Group Management Consultants  provide expert advice on competitive strategy and creative leadership. Our motivational speaking produces maximum results.

People Insight

Experts with people, not just data
Everyone should enjoy their work. When they do, talent stays, customers are happy and organisations succeed. But this is easier said than done. We are trusted to make this a reality by hundreds of organisations, and we can do the same for you. As experts in the psychology of people and the analysis of data, we immerse ourselves in your world to deliver a great personal service that brings real change.

Employee Engagement Alliance

The EEA is the world’s first membership organisation to focus exclusively on employee engagement. Its goal is to champion the professional development of the discipline and to prove the significant business value that effective employee engagement brings to an organisation.

Scarlett Employee Surveys

Our unique employee engagement survey is designed to accurately measure employee engagement and contributing factors for successful, long-term human resource/talent management. All the data analytics you need to manage and lead your HR companywide. Scarlett provides a complete system for professional management of employee engagement.

Twelve Winds Consulting

Twelve Winds works with you to deliver sustainable growth by aligning your people with your values & strategy. We bring together experience in strategy, organisational development, and corporate responsibility to ensure every part of the organisation is working toward the same goals. Our mission is to provide our clients with the skills and advice they need to develop and maintain an inclusive and sustainable business strategy. We believe that to be successful, companies must be committed to good corporate citizenship, with sustainability and corporate responsibility at the core of their values and strategy.

Engagement Multiplier

Engagement Multiplier is an online program that helps small-to-medium sized businesses develop a more engaged and productive team that’s excited to come to work every day. Though the program is simple and requires minimal time commitment from employees and management alike, it delivers valuable measurements and insights. The key is direct, honest employee feedback, uncovered via an anonymous 10-minute survey once every 90 days. What makes Engagement Multiplier different is that our program offers expert guidance and proven tools that turn those insights into action. Enrolled companies often see increases in engagement after the first 90 days, and continual improvement quarter after quarter.


15Five is employee management software that allows managers to ask the right questions at the right cadence to build team cohesion and increases performance. 15Five gives employees the opportunity to share triumphs, innovative ideas, and the challenges they are facing. How does 15Five work? 15Five is easy, quick, and automated, using the power of simple questions to reveal important information for business success. Each week, employees take about 15 minutes to answer a few insightful questions on things like obstacles, achievements, morale, innovation, and trends. Then Managers take five minutes to review and respond—addressing issues recognizing accomplishments, and learning new ideas. Unlike status reports, anonymous surveys, or even 1 on 1 meetings, 15Five inspires open and honest dialogue that brings to light issues and opportunities that are often missed.


Thymometrics, headquartered in the UK and with offices in NYC, France and Spain, is the leading global supplier of always-on, real-time employee engagement and feedback solutions. Our unique and simple survey enables employees to express their views and feelings about the place they work at any time and via any device. Out-of-the-box analytics for managers provides a broad array of flexible and real-time reports, dashboards and trend reports that reveal the mood across any part of the organisation, over any chosen date range. We understand the importance of giving staff a voice, so our patent pending anonymous 2-way feedback solutions enable a dialogue to take place between employees and management to address concerns, suggestions or feedback, all from within one online environment.


What really makes employees happy? Turns out things like work/life balance, social interactions with co-workers, and a healthier lifestyle continually rank higher than money. TeamVibe takes all the great stuff that already happens around your company and gives it a home. Whether it’s a yoga group, a book club or a green team, “vibes” give employees the tools they need to plan, organize, and interact with their co-workers around common interests and activities.


Content Creation And Viral Distribution For A Mobile-First World

Employee Inspired Content – Events, Projects, Team Moments, New Hire Intros, Etc…
Company Branded Content – Product Launches, Sales Promotions, Breaking News, Job Opportunities, Etc…
Viral Ad Circulation – Raw, Authentic, And Shared From Employees Socially To The Masses

Aspen Edge Consulting

Through leadership training, improving customer relationships, and developing employee engagement plans. We give leaders tools to increase morale and techniques to use when emotions run high. Learn how to cultivate talent that will be thrilled to stay with your company, bringing in clients and profits. Become a company people clamor to work for and a market leader that attracts innovators and top performers.


Drive engagement through a branded, native mobile app. Bluebridge allows you to create stunning mobile apps that communicate with your users, drive participation, and increase marketing ROI through the ease of an intuitive, ever-enhancing platform.


Founded in 1995, DecisionWise, LLC. is a management consulting firm specializing in assessment feedback and development. DecisionWise’s industry-leading online survey software platform provides data about organizational and individual performance, potential, and culture. Using that assessment information, our team of consultants work with organizations to increase individual and organizational effectiveness. DecisionWise core services include Employee Engagement Surveys and action planning, online surveys, 360-degree feedback, leadership coaching, and Talent Assessment and Development within organizations.


HighGround offers the first HR cloud platform designed for the employee to help companies build highly engaged and high-performing cultures through continuous feedback, ongoing employee development and real-time recognition. By using HighGround, employees are empowered to recognize peers daily and contribute to their own career path and companies can more effectively capture the voice of the employee and turn annual performance reviews into meaningful, ongoing coaching conversations. With an inspired workforce able to reach its full potential and visibility into organizational health, HighGround customers, such as Cision, Patagonia, Echo Global Logistics and Allianz can increase employee retention, productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive bottom line results.

Sicora Consulting

Mission: Organizations that actively invest in talent look to Sicora Consulting for significant returns. Through our unique approach to maximizing human potential, we drive the highest levels of engagement and performance. Vision: Sicora Consulting is the Organization Development expert known for uncovering great potential within organizations, inspiring a culture of trust where leaders and team members bring significant value to the customers, communities and populations they serve.

HPWP Consulting

HPWP Consulting, LLC delivers comprehensive leadership development and organization effectiveness services that have been developed, refined and practiced for over 35 years. Our clients share a common belief that people are their competitive advantage. They believe that financial, technological and geographical advantages can be balanced-out among competitors and that what remains truly unique to the organization is its culture and its people.

Floyd Consulting

What’s the secret to dynamic teamwork, great customer service, increasing profits, and employee satisfaction? The answer is employee engagement. People are constantly engaging or disengaging in every area of life. At Floyd we know why. Floyd Consulting helps employees and companies become the-best-version-of-themselves. What could your company achieve with a totally engaged team?


Our passion and purpose is to make the world a better place to work together. As a leader in organizational health research, WorkplaceDynamics is the premier provider of employee feedback and performance improvement solutions designed to help senior leaders build and sustain a top workplace that drives bottom-line results. We established the Top Workplaces™ program back in 2006 as a way to give employees a voice, recognize organizational excellence, and inspire all companies to strive for organizational health. In collaboration with today’s most prestigious media partners, we conduct the campaign in more than 40 different regions across the United States. Since then, we’ve reached more than 11 million employees from well over than 33,000 companies through our dynamic employee engagement survey, which means we have one of the country’s largest, most robust databases of employee feedback.

Cerus Consulting

We work with you to challenge received wisdom and create a culture where trust-based relationships flourish, where adult conversations are the norm, where authenticity is the watchword of leaders and where managers are committed to the creation of an enabling environment that inspires people to give of their best. We provide a range of diagnostic, consultancy, learning and coaching interventions to build the capability, capacity and confidence needed to create and sustain a high-performance work culture. Our human resources consultancy work is underpinned by statistically robust, research-based and web-enabled performance management systems, employee surveys, resourceful conversations,and  360 feedback, performance appraisal and assessment tools to ensure that interventions are based on sound and meaningful insights.


We’re applying new technologies to workforce data and applications like employee surveys and performance reviews, in order to solve problems of the modern workplace. Powered by natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Kanjoya transforms simple reporting tools into predictive solutions. We make it easy to capture and integrate multiple data sources on one platform. Our solutions are elegant, intuitive, and easy for managers and employees alike to use when providing feedback and evaluating performances. We also integrate data from other channels that collect employee feedback — such as Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, and Slack — as well as business outcome data — like attrition, quota attainment, and productivity, so all relevant data is one on platform.


HiveDesk is one of the most popular software for managing remote workers and virtual teams. It is a time tracking software with screenshots, activity levels and productivity reports. It has a simple, intuitive user interface to easily manage your projects, assign tasks, track time and even grab screenshot of worker’s computers. HiveDesk provides a platform that makes it easier for businesses to manage remote staff. Employees can check-in remotely and HiveDesk will log their work sessions. It makes sure that you get the desired level of productivity.

Green Shield

As Canada’s only not-for-profit health and dental benefits provider, we’re different. We eat, sleep and breathe health and dental benefits. It’s what we do. And we innovate everywhere, taking a closer look at each customer’s specific issues to find answers that lead to real, bottom-line savings and practical business solutions. Innovative cost containment strategies, advanced technology, exceptional customer service…it’s what we do.

Lee Hecht Harrison

Lee Hecht Harrison helps companies simplify the complexity associated with transforming their leadership and workforce so they can accelerate results, with less risk. We do this by helping their employees navigate change, become better leaders, develop better careers, and transition into new jobs. As the world’s leading Talent Development and Transition company, we have the local expertise, global infrastructure, and industry leading technology and analytics required to simplify the complexity associated with executing critical talent and workforce initiatives, reducing brand and operational risk. Teams in more than 60 countries around the world leverage our proven programs and global experience to deliver tailored solutions to clients that align talent with the needs of their business. The result for organizations is better leaders, an engaged, productive and agile workforce, and a stronger culture and people brand so they can attract and mobilize the talent they need to grow. The result for individuals is better careers, increased career mobility, and positive regard for their current or former employer.


Business Leaders intuitively know what’s best for their business. Organisations try a variety of initiatives to create high performance, often with disappointing results – but it does not have to be. We believe Strategic Engagement provides the essential link between a high performance work environment, improved performance and the intangible business outcomes such as brand engagement and customer satisfaction that in turn create shareholder value. LeaderBe is focused on superior performance and significant bottom line improvement through the strategic engagement and alignment of your people. We work with you to create and deliver a unique engagement solution specifically linked to your strategy that will immediately transform the effectiveness and performance of your organisation.


Kudos is an employee recognition system and corporate social network that engages employees and aligns teams for a strong connection to your corporate culture. Our simple-to-use, secure SaaS solution has an extensive feature set and multi-language offering that will motivate and inspire your team to go the extra mile.


How many times have you and your company had corporate outings that were… well, just simply boring? Gone are the days in which you have to settle for the usual laundry list of “let’s get this over with” activities. At eventyoda we truly believe you deserve more!

PDP Solutions

People Driven Performance (PDP Solutions) combines software and touchscreen capabilities with managed services to provide effective, dynamic, and needed employee communications. The PDP tools support publication of news and information, a sortable employee directory and real time performance metrics. The impacts of improved internal communications, via interactive design, delivers an employee-centric engagement system driving improved employee retention, best-practice lean productivity, and increased bottom-line profitability.

MPI Consulting

MPI Consulting is a full service Human Resource and Organizational Development Consulting company. MPI Consulting serves clients in 26 states and 5 countries. Our clients include Mid Cap companies as well as Fortune 500 companies. 2016 celebrates MPI’s 42 anniversary as one of the leading Employee Relations consulting practices in the US. MPI Consulting services include strategic consulting in Human Resources, Labor Relations, Compensation/Rewards, Employee Engagement and Organizational Development. We serve client needs across multiple market sectors, including Manufacturing, Technology, Education, Healthcare, Banking and Not for Profit organizations.


We are a performance and engagement consultancy – partnering clients to build their reputation from the inside-out. We help define messages, and develop bespoke, interactive programmes to unite vision, strategy, branding and culture – strengthening internal alignment with an external proposition. Our technical depth covers the full range of branding, engagement, HR, performance and development disciplines.


Ultimate work experience

Continuous feedback

Scheduling and attendance



Performance Management Partners

PMP is a talent management firm, specializing in quantifiable solutions for your workforce. We’ve been helping clients in all industry sectors make better people decisions to improve bottom-line results since 1999. Services include Hiring Assessments, Retained Search, Employee Engagement Surveys, Leadership Development, Succession Planning, Executive and Career Coaching, Management Training, Team Building and Career Transition. Our approach is rooted in the fundamental discipline of business. Our team is bottom-line oriented with over 60 years of senior management experience in local, national and global start ups, turnarounds and high growth companies in a wide range of industries.

All Elements

All Elements helps organizations visualize how well strategies are executed by its people. We believe when the most important asset of an organization, its people, have visibility into the most important priorities and strategies they are naturally engaged to perform at their peak potential.

All Elements – Unleash People Potential.


Only 2 in 10 companies today have the leaders to meet tomorrow’s business challenges. The good news? When they do, they are 3 times more likely to destroy the competition. What if you could: • Build your leaders ability to beat the odds against failed business strategies? • Make leadership selection and promotion decisions with pinpoint accuracy? • Architect learning experiences that ignite the passion of your leaders to grow and learn every day? • Secure your future with succession plans that build a strong leadership bench strength, bottom-up and top-down? DDI can make it happen. Obsessed with the science of leadership. Four decades of experience and results. Across thousands of organizations in 93 countries. One million better leaders. Let us show you the art of leadership possibilities.

Rewards Consulting

Rewards Consulting is a management consultancy specialising in employee reward, recognition, engagement and motivation, based in London, UK. We advise organisations on how to make their employee reward strategy more effective.

Blue Beyond Consulting

Our passion is helping our clients envision possibilities and achieve breakthroughs. Blue Beyond Consulting provides support to executive leaders on all aspects of change leadership, including: • Vision, strategy, and planning • Sponsorship and governance • Team and organization alignment • Leadership development and coaching • Organization design and effectiveness • Communication • Employee engagement • Talent assessment/development • Team effectiveness Our solutions are tailored, practical, innovative and effective, and our approach is based on building authentic partnerships and lasting capabilities.


HappyOrNot® – Guaranteed Customer and Employee Satisfaction Improvement HappyOrNot is a Finnish company, and the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. Our innovative feedback collecting smileys and intelligent data analytics reporting service help our clients to improve their customer experience, relationships, and employee engagement.

IRI Consulting

IRI Consulting, LLC (IRI) is a human resources management consulting firm specializing in employee engagement measurement.  IRI was founded in 1974, and since that time has surveyed millions of employees domestically and abroad in many different industries.

The standard questionnaire developed by IRI is a time-proven instrument designed to assess the employee experience in the workplace with a high degree of reliability.  The survey measures the following aspects of the experience that drive employees to exceed performance expectations:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Personal/professional fulfillment
  • Company leadership and direction
  • Workplace environment
  • Rewards & Recognition
Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. Through proprietary assessment tools, advisory services, and employer branding programs, including Best Companies lists and workplace reviews, Great Place to Work® provides the benchmarks, framework, and expertise needed to create, sustain, and recognize outstanding workplace cultures.

Devin Hughes

Devin C. Hughes, the Chief Inspiration Officer is a highly sought after award winning speaker, author, happiness muse & diversity sage who speaks to a variety of groups, organizations, and teams.  |  United States | Positive Performance

Blu Ivy Group

The Blu Ivy Group Advantage – a combination of expertise in HR, marketing, communications, recruitment, and corporate leadership. We focus on building authentic and engaged workplaces.  |  Toronto, Canada | Employee Engagement & Branding

The Employee Engagement Group

The Employee Engagement Group will help you shift the dial from potential to performance by engaging the minds and hearts of your employees. We offer workshops, consulting and surveys.  | Massachusetts, United States | Employee Engagement