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Are you a passionate HR professional?

Become a contributor and share your HR knowledge!

Enhance your profile and become a thought leader

Share your expertise with our online community of HR managers and employee engagement officers. Ideas you have, good case practices you’ve implemented and strategies you’ve designed –  make your work be known and help improve workplace practices through your valuable experience.

Build a strong employer brand for your company

Position your company as a brand that people can relate to and want to build a relationship with. Open the communication lines way ahead of the application process and convey your company culture and values, to distinguish yourself as a top employer.

How to submit an article to Hppy

You don’t have to be a content writer to talk about your industry and the things that you’re passionate about. We’re here for you every step of the way, helping you pick a topic if you don’t know where to start, edit articles and pitching in with suggestions if you need us to, before publishing.

Who can write for Hppy?

We welcome HR professionals of any level, with or without previous writing experience. We’re encouraging HR managers, Talent Management Managers and HR Officers of different specialties to contribute to this publication as “the voice of the industry”, with their unique ideas, experiences and practices.

What topics can you write about?

Our community of HR professionals are interested in employee engagement, retention & turnover, leadership, talent management, workplace happiness and the latest HR trends.

We welcome case studies and articles based on personal experience in the industry, but also opinion pieces on a variety of workplace issues. Download our contributor guidelines here for more details.

Keep in mind that we want your ideas to shine through so we’re flexible on the type of article you’d like to write.

Ready to join our HR & employee engagement community? Fill-in the form to your right and let’s get you published!

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Disclaimer: We don’t offer publishing guarantees.