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Reach HR Decision Makers through digital marketing.

Marketing takes time and consistency. We manage your digital marketing so you can focus on customer experiences.

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Reach HR Decision Makers with Inbound Marketing

HR decision makers are using search engines and social media to research purchasing options. They are also asking for recommendations and suggestions from industry peers and clients when it comes to potential vendors.

HR Inbound Marketing means creating relevant and valuable content that helps decision makers find solutions to their problems. It attracts them to your website, where you can share your expertise, engage in conversation and establish a trust relationship, making it more likely for them to convert into clients.

Inbound Marketing for HR

An effective process that is aligned with today’s business environment. Main strengths and benefits:

  • Appeals to the new digital buyer, who prefers to not be interrupted, or to be sold to. Prospects research their challenges online, on their own time, on different devices.
  • It’s data-driven and has a measurable performance.
  • Focuses on business goals (leads, revenue, ROI), not on brand awareness.
  • The methodology has predictable, repeatable processes that combine multiple proven tactics to attract the right people and help convert them into clients.
  • Allows for real-time adjustments to ensure a higher ROI for your campaigns.
  • Incorporates automation sequences which save time, while improving lead nurturing results.

get extra support on

your content creation efforts

Content creation takes time and focus. Our team supports you in creating great content that will attract and convert website visitors into potential leads. We manage most inbound content types from blogging and website copy to white papers, case studies, email campaigns or social media management.

our team manages your

email and social media activities

Creating content is step one. Next, you’ll want to reach your prospects online, by being present where they are, and engaging in industry conversations. We’ll help you drive traffic to your website, and manage social media and email marketing campaigns for you. We can also run paid advertising campaigns for search and social.

optimize your content and presence

for an HR audience

We help you optimize your website and content for search engines. Finding the best HR keywords and monitoring search trends will enable us to optimize and improve your on-page SEO. Our team will also review and optimize your website for usability and user experience.

ensure your website

can convert interest into leads

We’ll help you create content for every step of the lead generation process. That means designing and managing landing pages and calls-to-action aimed at conversion, monitoring your web analytics, and optimizing your digital strategy based on data.

jumpstart your marketing

with our existing library

Access our existing library of HR content resources, from presentations, to white papers , eBooks and checklists. Working with us, you can co-brand these content assets and add them to your own lead generation process. You can also become a contributor to our blog, work with our editorial and content design team, and get your thoughts in front of an existing HR audience.

Interested in how you can use digital marketing to reach HR decision makers?