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Mercer UK

At Mercer, our passion is improving lives tomorrow through our actions today. We work together as a global team to enhance the health, wealth and careers of more than 110 million people. Through proven and powerful solutions built on creativity, a commitment to innovation and a belief in a better tomorrow, we are building a better future today.

Mink provides insight into your workplace. Use employee engagement activities to increase productivity, improve morale, celebrate successes. Mink is the key to having employee engagement. Mink will give you the ability to keep a pulse on the morale, happiness, and productivity.


MeetingPulse by inMoment software is starting a revolution in real-time audience interaction. Launched at 2014 Launch Festival and trusted by some of the world’s top companies. For corporate meetings, town halls, webinars, conference calls, conferences, live broadcasts, education, marketing presentations and more, MeetingPulse is the simplest tool to connect and engage your audience.


MosaicTrack is a smart recruiting solution that leverages the cognitive power of artificial intelligence to read through resumes and social profiles to find the best talent based on culture fit and skill set. No surveys or questionnaires to complete. Predictive analytics and artificial intelligent algorithms are employed to pre-qualify applicants to increase the quality of the people you interview, and reduce the hours spent by the hiring team reviewing resumes. MosaicTrack built algorithmic tools with IBM’s Watson technology allowing to match talent on culture fit and skill through the power of machine learning and natural language processing.

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