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Choose Happiness @ Work is a tool for team performance and employee engagement

Choose Happiness at Work is an employee engagement kit that gets people talking, laughing, and solving real-world workplace problems while learning science-based strategies to apply at work. Grounded in brain science and psychology, this tool ensures that each person takes away immediately applicable tools, tips and strategies.

Each Choose Happiness @ Work Standard Kit includes:

  • 100+ unique science-based solutions
  • 50+ common work scenarios
  • 7 Categories cards
  • 1 Thank You card
  • Access to online resources and a database of scientific sources
  • Full instructions for standard play, plus 19 additional ways to play and 7 facilitation strategies

Employee Engagement Kit – Choose Happiness @ Work

Standard Kit

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Multi-Team Kit

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Event Kit

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Live Event Kit

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I checked this game out mostly as a fan of learning games and positive psychology, but I quickly found much more to like. I played it with co-workers, and within the first few minutes we had already come up with promising solutions to sticky problems. It sidestepped all the tension that could come from raising issues outside of this casual context. Best of all, it gave us concrete next steps. I wanted to take the cards out of the deck and tape them to my monitor! This is a tool I’ll turn to again and again, I’m sure.
Dan Roy, Game Designer
I will admit that I’m actually not a big fan of games…and I usually find that they can dumb down the science of positive psychology. This game, however, is both fun, effective at getting to new solutions, and the science is well-represented and not overly complicated or overly simplified. I found many suggestions that I wanted to pull out so that I could remember them at work!
Shannon Polly, Founder, Shannon Polly & Associates
This game can be an ice breaker, a team builder, a leadership development tool, a brainstorming inspiration, a cultural lever and a solo problem-solver. Really, you are only limited by your imagination. No matter how you use this game, it’s enjoyable and thought-provoking.
Lisa Sansom, Vice-Chair, Canadian Positive Psychology Association
The card game was a resounding success. In fact, if our group’s laughter disturbed any of our office members, I apologize – but my team really had fun. The game served as a great team building exercise, as well as an opportunity to touch on some of the ‘soft responsibilities’ that relate to solving problems at work.
David Yokom, M.Sc, P.Eng, Queens University