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Basic Employee Engagement Course (Free)

This introductory email course covers fundamental employee engagement ideas. If you haven’t implemented an engagement strategy yet, these ideas will help you understand and master the basics. The course is covered in 26 emails.

Advanced Employee Engagement Course (Free)

The advanced email course offers you more complex ideas, suitable for organizations that have already implemented basic engagement practices. The course is covered in 26 emails.

Employee Recognition 101 Course

Employee recognition is a crucial engagement driver. This course takes you through the basics of designing and implementing a culture of recognition in your team.

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Our employee engagement courses have been mapped on the employee lifecycle, marking each step of the employee experience with tried and tested ideas that have been proven to increase engagement, foster productivity and improve retention.

  • Recruitment

  • Before The First Day

  • Onboarding

  • Work Aniversaries

  • Employee Burnout

  • Birthdays

  • Graduations

  • Personal Events

  • Dealing With Loss

  • Promotions

  • After A Major Setback

  • Work Environment