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Smartphone Apps Are Becoming The Catalyst Of HR Management

Mobile phone applications that offer organizations the capability for online learning, enhance productivity and provide effective employee management and development are becoming a chief technology trend in Human Resources.   Managing workforce and time is not

2017-10-13T08:31:16+00:00 By |Talent Management|

How Can HR Professionals Prevent And Spot Common Overtime Violations?

No organization wants to face the law for overtime violations. Unfortunately, most businesses find themselves in these sticky situations because they do not understand the state labor laws. An in-house HR department or hired HR

2017-10-13T08:02:37+00:00 By |Talent Management|

[Infographic] Keep Your Employees Healthy and Productive with Food Perks

We’ve all worked in offices with unhappy people. The reasons why they are unhappy—their careers, their home life, their deadlines—of course are as varied as the people themselves. But unhappy people in the office tend

2017-10-07T19:35:57+00:00 By |HR Infographics|