About Daniel Ruedi

Daniel Ruedi, RICP® is a Financial Advisor at Ruedi Wealth Management.  He grew up in Champaign, Illinois, and later graduated from Auburn University (War Eagle!) with a degree in finance.  He is a regular guest on Paul Ruedi’s “On the Money” Radio Show and a contributor to the Ruedi Wealth Blog, where he covers retirement and financial planning issues.

Employer Branding Mistakes You’re Probably Making and How to Fix Them

If there were a quick and easy recipe for employer branding, it might go something like this: one part management, one part human resources, one part marketing and two parts current employees. Mix well and

[Infographic] How to Make a Good First Impression (Without Appearing Desperate)

When you’re in business, everyone you meet matters. Sure, you want your clients to value you, your employees to trust you, and your accountant to tolerate you – but the opinion of everyone from the

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How to Build a Healthy Workplace Culture That Breeds Quality and Productivity

Among many important things to run a successful company, a positive workplace culture is one that lays a fertile ground in which productivity, talent, skills and morale are nurtured. It is critically important for businesses

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[Infographic] Skills of the Future: 10 Skills You’ll Need to Thrive in 2020

Technology may be the leading driver for innovation today, but many professionals think people still mean everything to a successful business. This is known among many HR professionals, but as industries become more "disrupted" by

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